Legal Practitioner Subplan: Associate of Applied Business in Law & Paralegal Studies

April 24, 2023
June 21, 2023
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Legal Practitioner Subplan

ABA-approved paralegal programParalegal licensing marks an unprecedented change to the United States legal system by allowing non-attorneys limited licenses to practice law. Currently, six states — Washington, Arizona, Oregon, Minnesota, Utah, and New Hampshire  —  allow paralegals who have satisfied the appropriate education, experience, and testing requirements limited licenses to practice law.

Through the University of Cincinnati’s online American Bar Association-approved Associate of Applied Business in Law and Paralegal Studies program, eligible students have the opportunity to pursue a Legal Practitioner subplan, fulfilling the typical educational requirements needed to practice law under a limited license without the supervision of an attorney.*

*Students must check the educational requirements in their own state. 

Application Process

Interested candidates should follow the process for applying to the Associate of Applied Business in Law and Paralegal Studies program and speak with an advisor about pursuing the Legal Practitioner subplan.

Complete Online Application
Spring 2023 Application Deadline: December 15, 2022


The Legal Practitioner subplan follows the curriculum path of the Associate of Applied Business in Law and Paralegal Studies program, with the addition of required courses that prepare students for the educational foundation to be competent and ethical in their legal practitioner practice.

Law and Paralegal Studies Core Courses
PARA1001 Introduction to Legal Studies 3
PARA1011 Legal Research & Writing 3
PARA1013C Law Office Technology 3
PARA1014 Family Law 3
PARA1015 Introduction to Criminal Law & Procedure 3
PARA2022 Civil Litigation II 3
PARA2021 Civil Litigation I 3
PARA2023 Real Estate Law 3
PARA2025 Estate Planning & Probate 3
PARA2026 Administrative Litigation 3
PARA2028 Bankruptcy Law 3
PARA2050 Legal Clinic 3
PARA Ethics and Professionalism 3
General Education Coursework
ENGL1001 English Composition 3
COMM1071 Introduction to Effective Speaking 3
ENGL2089 Intermediate Composition 3
MATH1008 Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning 3
IT001C Computer Applications 3
BoK: FA,HP,HU,SS Fine Arts, Historical Perspectives, Humanities and Literature, or Social Sciences Elective 3
BoK: NS Natural Sciences Elective 3