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November 15, 2019
January 13, 2020

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All of your coursework is completed online and incorporates clinical experience, information technology and management training. Our students are given the necessary skills to process, maintain, analyze and report health information according to the accreditation and certification standards for reimbursement, care management, quality assurance and research.

Sample Curriculum

Customized curriculum map for the HIS program is available to fit your schedule and pace. Part-time and Full-time options are available to all students. Summer term courses are also offered. Program accepts students 3 time a year, Spring, Summer or Fall. Self paced online orientation is required after you are accepted to the program.

Year 1 Fall Semester Year 1  Spring Semester
Course Title Credit Course Title Credit
MLTI1073 Student Success-Major and Career Discovery 1 HCMT1016 ICD Procedural Coding 3
BIOL1015 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 3 ALH1015C Human Disease 2
BIOL1015L Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Lab 1 STAT1031 Introduction to Statistics 3
HCMT2000 Foundations of Pharmacology 2 HCMT2020 Health Information Administration Practices 3
ENGL1001 English Composition 3 HCMT1015 ICD Medical Coding 3
HCMT1001 Medical Terminology for the Health Professions 3
HCMT1005C Introduction to Health Information Systems 3


Year 2 Fall Semester Year 2 Spring Semester
Course Title Credit Course Title Credit
FA,HP,HU Elective 3 HCMT2022 Healthcare Quality, Statistics and Research 3
HCMT1010C CPT Medical Coding 3 HCMT2025C Advanced Coding Applications 3
HCMT2015C Healthcare Applications 3 HCMT2030C HIS Professional Practicum 3
HCMT2012 Health Information Ethics 3 ENGL2089 Intermediate Composition 3
HCMT2005 Healthcare Data Analysis 3 SS Social Science Elective 3
HCMT2003 Health Insurance and Billing 2


Professional Practice Experience

All health information systems technology students participate in professional practice experience (PPE). This professional practice provides students with opportunities to obtain real-world experience.

PPE opportunities are provided at participating professional practice facilities and through online-simulations. Both on-site and simulations provide students with the opportunity to reinforce competencies and skill sets.

NOTE: The program establishes, coordinates and supervises all professional practice experiences. Students living outside the Greater Cincinnati area are assisted by faculty in locating a suitable PPE in their geographic locations.

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