5 Ways UC Makes Earning Your Online Master’s Degree Easier

Over the years, we’ve heard all of the excuses for putting off earning your online master’s degree. Phrases like “I’m too old,” “I don’t have time,” “Online degrees aren’t as good as ‘real’ degrees,” “It is so expensive,” and “It’ll be boring,” have been batted around for just about as long as online education has been in existence.

And, while those excuses may have held true at some points over the last 30 years, they seem to be losing steam quickly, as recent studies point to a growing trend toward obtaining a master’s degree online. As of 2016, 31% of students enrolled in master’s degree programs were earning them entirely online.

Still need convincing? Read on to discover the ways in which earning a University of Cincinnati Online master’s degree can be both a rewarding experience and advance your career, no matter where you are in life.

5 Reasons to Earn Your Online Master’s Degree


  1. You Can Earn Your Master’s at Any Age. It’s true! You’re never too old to further your education. All of our students admitted to our graduate degree programs are assigned a Student Success Coordinator to help each student navigate what is needed to earn his or her degree. Plus, we offer a myriad of student resources from online learning tips and tricks to workshops to help you get the most out of your education journey. We aim for a 100% graduate rate and will do everything we can to help our students achieve this goal.
  2. Our Online Master’s Programs Are Completed on Your Time. You can choose to attend part- or full-time, and most of our part-time programs are generally 6 credit hours per semester. In fact, you only need to take 1 credit hour a semester to be considered a part-time student. You also can log on to complete your course work 24/7, any time of day that suits you, so school can work within your life and current job. And, we have a variety of resources to help you during your online journey, every step of the way.                                                                                                                                    
  3. Cincinnati Online Master’s Degrees Are As Rigorous As On-Campus Programs. All UC Online courses are as rigorous as on-campus courses. We hold all of our degrees to the highest standards. In fact, most employers consider earning an online master’s degree from a regionally accredited university as relevant as any degree earned on-campus. Our faculty are some of the best and brightest in the nation. They are active on national boards, frequently published, and are often practicing professionals in their field.                                                                                                                                               
  4. Employers Love Lifelong Learners, Period. Long gone are the days in which an online degree was frowned upon. Today, most employers only consider whether or not your degree came from an accredited university and that you did well in your chosen field of study. Your UC online master’s program degree will not say “online”, and it will be conferred by the University of Cincinnati, which will also be reflected on your transcripts and degree. UC also offers tools and resources to online students to aid in your career hunt and to help you find the best fit for your future employment.                                                                                                                             
  5. Your Master’s Degree Is What You Make of It. Whether you’re about to embark on a new career or boost yourself to a new position in your current career, it’s up to you to give it your all. We have found the majority of our online master’s  students learn to enjoy and thrive in our online school environment. We offer study tips to help our students succeed, as well as advice for juggling school and work. For a more in-depth look, read more about the hidden benefits of earning your UC master’s program online.

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