Why You Should Choose an Online Paralegal Program Approved by the American Bar Association

Are you considering an online school for your law and paralegal studies degree? Be sure to explore whether that program is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). The University of Cincinnati Online is one of the only online schools to earn the ABA’s seal of approval, long considered the gold standard in legal education and a major signifier that the law and paralegal programs you are considering will uphold the highest quality curriculum.

Why is American Bar Association approval important for any paralegal program?

The American Bar Association is a nationally recognized professional association of lawyers that sets the academic and ethical standards for legal education. Programs seeking ABA accreditation must undergo a rigorous application and approval process, which includes proving that the program meets every standard for faculty, curriculum, and student services set by the association. Because of the intense requirements put forth by the ABA, it is no small feat that all of UC Online’s law and paralegal studies programs are ABA-approved.

Not only are all of UC Online’s programs already ABA-approved, but our Bachelor of Science in Law & Paralegal Studies Program Director, Emma Fletcher, is responsible for ensuring that all ABA-approved paralegal programs continue to meet and, in some cases, exceed the standards the ABA has set forth.

How can a program’s ABA approval help my future career in the law and paralegal field?

Earning an ABA-approved law and paralegal degree can open doors for a promising career path by boosting your marketability, assuring a high-quality education, and preparing you for the demands of the field.

  • Boosted Marketability: Students who graduate from an ABA-approved degree program have a clear competitive advantage when seeking employment. For employers, ABA approval signifies that graduates of the program are well-prepared for the demands of the profession.
  • Top-Notch Education: ABA-approved programs must adhere to the high education standards defined by the association. Additionally, ABA-approved schools seek highly qualified professors with practical experience in the field. All of the University of Cincinnati’s online paralegal programs are taught by licensed attorneys or practitioners who have experience working with paralegals, offering the potential for invaluable networking opportunities.
  • Preparedness for the Legal Field: Students in ABA-approved programs graduate with the skills and confidence required to excel in the legal field. Employers can be assured that graduates of ABA-approved paralegal programs are well-versed in many areas of the law, making them valuable assets to law firms and legal departments.

Which ABA-approved online paralegal degree is right for me?

The University of Cincinnati Online offers four ABA-approved online paralegal programs, all taught by licensed attorneys or practitioners: an Associate of Applied Business in Law & Paralegal Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Law & Paralegal Studies, a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Law & Paralegal Studies, and a Post-Associate Certificate in Law & Paralegal Studies. Depending on your career goals and educational background, one of these paralegal programs or paralegal certificates could be the perfect next step for you.

  • Our Associate of Applied Business (AAB) in Law & Paralegal Studies program is the perfect first step if you’re working towards becoming a paralegal. The paralegal associate degree program is designed to help students gain the skills they will eventually need to be sought-after paralegals, including conducting legal research and writing, analyzing and evaluating the law, demonstrating proficiency in legal software, understanding legal and ethical principles, and much more. All credits can then seamlessly transfer to our Bachelor of Science in Law & Paralegal Studies program for students who wish to continue their education.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Law & Paralegal Studies program is the natural next step after completing your AAB in Law & Paralegal Studies. This program builds upon the valuable skills learned in the associate program and prepares students to start or advance their careers in the intricate world of law.
  • If you already have a bachelor’s degree, whether that degree is law-focused or not, UC Online’s Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Law & Paralegal Studies might be a good choice for you. Earning a paralegal certificate online is not only a significant next step for those working in or wanting to work in the paralegal field, but it can also be the perfect educational addition for individuals working in any field that intersects with law, such as those working in banking, real estate, HR, office management, or any other related areas.
  • Our Post-Associate Certificate in Law & Paralegal Studies is great for those who either have an associate degree in another field and are looking to pivot their career and begin their journey to becoming a paralegal, or those already working in the paralegal field and are looking to advance their competitive standing in the field.

How do I take the next step in my career?

Whether your goal is to begin a new career or build upon an existing career in the law and paralegal field, UC Online has an ABA-approved program that will help you get there. Reach out to us today to take the next step in your educational journey.

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

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