10 Notable Benefits of an MBA Degree

Are you looking for a way to distinguish yourself within today’s competitive and ever-evolving business landscape? The University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business’s Online MBA might just be your ticket to standing out and achieving your career aspirations.

In a digital-minded world where continuous learning and adaptability are crucial, an MBA offers a strategic path to success—and various benefits. From increased earning potential to skill development and much more, getting your MBA degree has several advantages that make it a wise choice in 2023 and beyond.

So whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking a career boost or an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to launch your own venture, read on for the University of Cincinnati Online’s 10 reasons why getting your MBA is more than worth it.

What Is an MBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, which is a graduate-level academic qualification recognized globally for its significance in the business realm. An MBA degree focuses on developing a wide range of skills and knowledge. So, it comprehensively covers the business fields of management, finance, marketing, strategy, leadership, entrepreneurship, accounting, business analytics, economics, information systems, and operations management.

Benefits of an MBA

Like any postgraduate education, completing an MBA program indicates a commitment to learning and improving. Yet, an MBA comes with its own unique business-oriented lessons and applications, distinguishing itself from other graduate degrees. Here’s a look at just some of an MBA’s benefits.

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#1 – More Career Opportunities

Earning an MBA instantly opens the door to a wide range of job opportunities. Because a Master of Business Administration educates professionals on essentially all aspects of business, it can separate you from the other 4-year degree alumni.

In fact, plenty of companies actively seek MBA graduates, particularly for leadership and management positions. According to Monster.com, the phrase “MBA preferred” is used in a lot of job listings because MBAs develop critical thinkers and professional problem solvers.

Defining qualifications such as these are significant because, as experts and hiring metrics indicate, job hunting is getting more difficult. Yet, the University of Cincinnati is proud to continually equip students to secure jobs soon after graduating.

For instance, despite a recent tough job market, over 99% of UC Online’s Lindner MBA graduates from the class of 2021-2022 are employed, according to data from the Office of Institutional Research at UC. This is one of many strong indicators that an MBA can establish a better career path for its recipients.

#2 – Increased Earning Potential

Arguably the biggest benefit of an MBA degree is the increased salary potential. Whether it’s from a raise in a current role or securing a new, higher-level job, MBA graduates earn far more than those with only a bachelor’s degree.

ZipRecruiter 2023 data shows that the national average annual salary for an MBA graduate is $137,000 whereas for a bachelor’s degree graduate the average is $52,000. With a salary difference of $85,000, MBA grads can typically expect to earn more than 2.5 times what their traditional college graduate counterparts are making.

#3 – Expanded Professional Network

During your MBA education (which can typically take about two years to complete), you have the chance to make connections with faculty, staff, and fellow students. And as LinkedIn notes, your professional network can lead to career development, opportunities, new perspectives, and more.

Additionally, when you graduate from a large, recognized university, you’re automatically part of a far-reaching circle of alumni. Take the University of Cincinnati, for example. UC has more than 340,000 alumni across the U.S. and throughout the world. We even have Alumni Association staff ready and willing to help fellow Bearcats get connected.

#4 – Professional Skill Development

As briefly mentioned, an MBA degree helps cultivate real, professional skills including problem solving and critical thinking. Soft skills like these empower business leaders to execute individual tasks and lead teams.

“The UC Online MBA program equips students with advanced communication skills, enabling them to articulate complex ideas clearly and persuasively to diverse audiences,” explains Dr. Craig Froehle, professor of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems for the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. “This enhanced ability to communicate fosters better teamwork and collaboration across a wide array of professional settings.”

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#5 – Comprehensive Business Knowledge

What separates a master’s degree from a graduate certificate is that a master’s involves learning a thorough set of knowledge in a specific field. A Master of Business Administration is no different.

An MBA teaches students a wide array of business knowledge and skills. You can expect to learn in the fields of accounting, economics, finance, leadership, operations management, business analytics, information technology, and marketing. All of this teaching will develop you as a reliable, adaptable, and successful business leader.

Not only will you gain academic business knowledge, but an MBA brings practical insight. “As an undergraduate, a student cannot always relate to the war stories of the business world discussed by the professor,” Molly Rogers, UC’s MS Accounting Program Director and Associate Professor, points out. “In the Lindner MBA program with working adults, the real world situations and outcomes hit home more succinctly.”

#6 – A Degree Customized to You

While a master’s and grad certificate are different, you get the best of both worlds with an MBA, particularly UC Online’s MBA degree. We allow you to customize your Lindner program to fit your specific career goals by choosing from among 12 credit hours of electives, giving you a specific concentration when you graduate. So whether you want to specialize in digital marketing or data analytics (or more), the choice is yours.

In fact, UC offers has more than 10 concentrations you can choose from:

  • Healthcare Administration
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Healthcare Policy and Regulation
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Individual Taxation
  • Investment Management

#7 – Inclination to Entrepreneurship and Innovation

MBAs unlock knowledge, tools, and connections to bolster an entrepreneurial or innovative spirit. Dr. Roseann Hassey, UC’s Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, explains it well:

“An MBA is an excellent investment for entrepreneurs and innovators, as it provides the strong trifecta of essential business skills, a focus on strategic thinking, and a strong network of contacts, thus equipping them to navigate the challenges of both launching and scaling their ventures successfully.”

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#8 – Diverse, Global Perspective

MBA students tend to graduate with a more well-rounded, global mindset. Most Master of Business Administration programs accept students from all over the country and world. As a result, students gain experience interacting with people from all walks of life and business insight on a global scale.

UC recently celebrated record-breaking enrollment of 50,921 students this fall. Among the incoming class, there was a 22% increase in Black students, 27% increase in Latinx students, and a 19% increase in Asian students. Colleges, like UC, are opening the door for students to easily access a needed perspective that’s more diverse and universal.

#9 – Personal Growth and Skill Development

Apart from professional benefits, an MBA promotes personal growth, too. Soft skills—like communication, leadership, critical thinking, and more—translate effectively to personal lives. Plus, students develop better time management (especially if you’re balancing school, work, and life) and a deep sense of pride in earning this prestigious degree.

#10 – Credibility and Recognition

Having an MBA degree from a recognized, reputable, and accredited university adds credibility to your professional profile. It indicates you’ve committed yourself to growing and leading better as a professional. And, it can place you in the upper echelon of your field, considering—according to estimates from BestAccreditedColleges.Org—less than 4% of professionals may hold a master’s degree in business.

Easily Earn Your MBA with UC Online

As a working professional, you don’t have to compromise work, life, or school in order to get your MBA. UC Online makes it easier than ever to virtually attend school and accelerate your career without having to miss a beat. Choose a semester course load that’s ideal to your schedule and start learning; it’s that simple.

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Better work experiences, higher salaries, broader alumni network . . . the list goes on. Discover firsthand the benefits that come with an MBA.

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