How The Business Application Technology Program Can Help You Launch Your Business Career

UC Online recently caught up with Associate of Applied Business in Business Applications Technology (BAT) program graduate, Steven S., about his experience at the University of Cincinnati. After beginning his educational journey in-person, Steven decided to finish what he started and return to UC to pursue a degree online. Shortly after earning his degree, Steven was able to land a product management role. The UC Online BAT program gave him all the skills and confidence that he needed to be successful in his new role.

Why an Online Degree?

The decision to pursue a degree is never an easy one and choosing the right format for you can really be the difference between failure and success. Steven talks about choosing to pursue his degree online because he wanted to further his education while not taking a step back from his career. “I chose the online program because I had a full-time job, and it gave me the flexibility to choose when and where I completed my studies.”

The Online Experience

Steven weighed in on his experience with the online format saying “Initially, I was concerned about having the resources to be able to understand the material. However, UC Online provides all the same resources to online students that are available to in-person students.”

Not only does the online format offer all the resources needed to succeed as a student, but it also offers the flexibility needed to succeed in other aspects of life as well, like career and personal life. “Because of the online format, I was not hounded about deadlines or penalized for missing a class because there were no classes to miss.” Having the flexibility to make his own schedule and finish his work on his own time is what really made a difference for Steven.

Professional Impact

When Steven first decided to get his degree online while continuing his career, he knew it would benefit him eventually, but he did not know the benefits would happen so quickly. “Shortly after I earned my degree, I applied for an internal product management position, and I got the job. I am now working in a higher paying salaried position, and I can work from home twice a week. These working conditions are much more favorable than the factory floor where I was working before I got my promotion.” Steven also plans to go on to earn his bachelor’s degree, so his career success does not end here.

Advice For Others

Steven reflects on his experience and what kind of advice he would give to others thinking about following the same path that he did. “I know there are many things that may cause hesitation or discouragement, but I can assure you that taking the next step is not the obstacle that you may think it is and there are many solutions for whatever barriers are in your way.”

Learn More About UC’s online Associate of Applied Business in Business Applications Technology program and apply today.

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