UC’s Online Marketing Management Program Fits Student’s Busy Life

In a world where determination fuels dreams and aspirations, Brittany-Anne G. stands out as a shining example of unwavering resolve.

Brittany-Anne’s big dreams begin with the Associate of Applied Business in Marketing Management Technology degree from the University of Cincinnati (UC), a fully online study program. And she’s already set her sights on getting a bachelor’s degree by the time she’s 35. She will graduate at 32 with her associate degree in marketing, so she’s well on her way to that goal.

Brittany-Anne chose UC’s 100%-online marketing management technology program to accommodate her busy schedule and responsibilities as a working mom. Its built-in flexibility allows her to study at her own pace, which ensures she can effectively juggle work/life responsibilities.

Photo of Brittany-Anne, a Marketing Management student at OC Online
Brittany-Anne, AAB in Marketing Management student

“Going to school on campus or having a campus life was completely out of the question for me.”

Brittney-Anne’s motivation to pursue her associate degree stems from her desire to advance in her career and create opportunities for herself and her two-year-old son. She recognizes that obtaining a degree is crucial for their future, saying, “I knew obtaining my degree was essential if I wanted to secure higher-level employment within my field.”

Given Brittany-Anne’s commitment as a full-time employee and single mom, attending in-person classes wasn’t feasible for her. UC’s online marketing management program offers an asynchronous solution so Brittany-Anne can study when and where she wants without compromising her other responsibilities. “Going to school on campus or having a campus life was completely out of the question for me,” she says.

Brittany-Anne finds the program to be the perfect match for her busy lifestyle. She feels empowered to meet course requirements and enjoys the online education experience.

Professor/Instructor Interaction

One initial concern of Brittany-Anne’s about getting a marketing associate degree online was a fear of diminished communication and support she would receive from UC instructors. She’s pleasantly surprised by the amount of interaction she has with university staff. She finds people readily available whenever she needs guidance or has questions. “I didn’t think I would have as much communication with my instructors and professors as I do,” she says.

The one-on-one support further enhances Brittany-Anne’s UC learning experience and gives her the encouragement she needs to excel academically.

“Everything I’m learning really opens my eyes to a much broader world of marketing.”

From Freelance Content Creator to Well-Rounded Marketer

Brittany-Anne’s passion for marketing grew from being a freelance content creator, where she gained exposure to marketing platforms and social media. Before enrolling in UC’s program, she acquired marketing knowledge through self-study and exploring social media platforms and online resources.

UC’s Marketing Management Technology degree program provides the next level of education for Brittany-Anne, with a deeper exploration of marketing concepts. For example, she’s learned about the complexities of marketing campaigns and how ads are produced. “Everything I’m learning really opens my eyes to a much broader world of marketing,” she says.

One course that resonated with Brittany-Anne was Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and its focus on social media, where she created ads and posted content to promote a fictitious handbag business. The hands-on experience perfectly aligns with Brittany-Anne’s passion for creating content for brands, and her new understanding of how to analyze ads, identify their qualities, and understand campaign target audiences will serve her well in the future.

Benefits of Online Education

Brittany-Anne’s experience learning about marketing has had an impact on her. She says the ability to study virtually and be in control of her study priorities is incredibly valuable.

Unlike classrooms with fixed schedules and strict attendance requirements, UC’s fully online program allows Brittany-Anne to customize her education based on her schedule — this personalized approach results in increased focus and an unwavering commitment to achieving her goals.

“When you study online, you’re not pressured to show up for class at 8 a.m. and sit through a three-hour lecture, taking notes and stressing yourself out on how you’ll be able to manage your schedule outside of school,” Brittany-Anne says. “One thing I absolutely love about studying online is that I can make it work for my schedule.”

“I have a passion for helping black women grow their businesses and increase their brand awareness and engagement through social media.”

Degree Brings Confidence, Credibility

As Brittany-Anne studies the program curriculum, it deepens her understanding of fundamental marketing principles, hones her skills, and equips her for a competitive job market. Additionally, her experiences as a freelance content creator and strong desire to support black-owned businesses further fuel her interest in marketing. “I have a passion for helping black women to grow their businesses and increase their brand awareness and their engagement through social media,” Brittany-Anne says.

Throughout Brittany-Anne’s experience studying marketing management technology, her dedication to education and passion for marketing is evident. Not only has the program equipped her with skills, but it has also bolstered Brittany-Anne’s confidence and credibility as an experienced marketing candidate for employers.

Worthwhile Experience

Brittany-Anne’s drive to be influential in the marketing field inspires anyone who wants to pursue an associate degree while managing responsibilities at work and home. Her dedication, perseverance, and unwavering resolve align with the pursuit of higher education and the opportunities that await those who courageously pursue their goals.

While Brittany-Anne knows having a degree is optional for some marketing jobs, she recognizes the importance of credentials when pursuing higher-level opportunities, like working for corporations, magazine publishers, and agencies.

“This program pushes me to my limits and teaches me a lot about myself,” Brittany-Anne says. “It helps me better myself — and I’m glad I made the decision to go back to school at UC.”

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