Dr. Sean McCauley Inspires Educational Leaders in Online Master’s Program

For over three decades, Dr. Sean McCauley has functioned as an educator and mentor to students of all ages. His service in public education began as a third-grade teacher. During his time in K–12 education, Sean juggled teaching while earning his Master’s in Elementary Education and his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership. He later transitioned out of the class and into administration for Cincinnati Public Schools. “I have taught in class, designed curriculum, and served as an assistant principal and principal. Additionally, I hold a superintendent license,” he says.

With a formidable career in elementary education, Sean felt drawn to work in higher education. His calling led him to the University of Cincinnati (UC) in the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH), which he’s called home for more than eight years. “I’m the associate professor and coordinator of UC Online’s Master of Education in Educational Leadership program and the principal licensure. And one benefit of UC is that students can go through our program and receive the principal license,” he says.

Each M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program faculty member has served as (or is presently) an administrator who led schools as a principal or superintendent.

Educational Leader Faculty
Dr. Sean McCauley is an associate professor and the coordinator of UC Online’s M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program. He’s a former teacher, assistant principal and principal.

Enthusiastic Instructors Inspire Educators to Lead

The educationist profession has become increasingly multi-layered, demanding teachers to evolve. Sean inspires today’s educationists to grow outside the classroom and boost their skills to become educational leaders. He knows how challenging the environment is for teachers and understands they must be equipped with high-quality learning experiences to stand out above the competition. From experience, Sean recognizes the many rewards of pursuing an online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. “A master’s degree and administrative license allow aspiring educational leaders to prepare for a career in making policies that impact students, teachers, and parents alike,” he says.

This UC Online program’s nationally renowned faculty brings their vast experiences to the educational leadership master’s program curriculum. Each faculty member has served as (or is presently) an administrator who led schools as a principal or superintendent. Our teaching team works closely with students to provide practical learning opportunities and meaningful feedback on each student’s performance.

Sean is the clinical supervisor for the fieldwork students undertake. “Most of my coursework is directly related to a licensure program; however, I teach Educational Leadership Theory and Instructional Supervision,” he says. “Supervision of instruction holds great promise for improving the entire educational process, including the quality of teaching and assessing student understanding of content.”

Most students who enroll in the online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program are teachers seeking to gain licensure to become a school principal or administrator at some point in their career.

What To Expect as a UC Online Student

Sean says the UC Online experience is convenient. “Because the program is 100% online, students can work at their own pace. While there are deadlines to meet, students can complete their assignments, readings, and projects when they wish,” he says. “Many students work full-time and take two courses a semester; others take just one course at a time. It’s up to the individual student to choose the method that works for them to continue balancing work and life responsibilities with school.”

We asked Sean if there are networking opportunities with other UC Online students. “Yes! There are discussion boards and some group projects embedded in the courses,” he says. “There are plenty of opportunities to interact and learn from one another.”

Most students who enroll in UC Online’s M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program are teachers seeking to gain licensure to become a school principal or administrator at some point in their career. “We have a range of students — some just starting their education career and others teaching for 20+ years. And some are seeking the license to work in their district’s central office as SPED Directors or Gifted Coordinators,” Sean says.

The University of Cincinnati is ranked in the top 50 Online Master of Education on U.S. News & World Report (2022)

Learn More About UC Online’s Educational Leadership Master’s

If you’re ready to expand your expertise beyond the classroom, developing leadership skills and competencies that can advance your career, UC Online’s highly accredited program is ideal. It’s designed for working professionals, with a curriculum ideal for educators who aspire to be principals or administrators and further their teaching careers.

If you’re ready to take your next step to become an influential leader in your school or organization or want to learn more about the program, please complete our brief online form to connect with Enrollment Services Advisor.


Once you’re ready to apply, the process is easy; here’s how:

  1. Submit a current resume and three letters of reference, one of which is from a current supervisor.
  2. Submit a copy of your current teaching license. It must be a professional teaching license; no substitute or alternative licenses are acceptable.
  3. Submit a goal statement sharing why you are interested in pursuing the degree and license.

Sean, his fellow instructors, and our UC Online support staff look forward to meeting you!

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