Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Ana Hincapie, Director of MS in Health Outcomes & Pharmacoeconomics

Dr. Hincapie prioritizes incorporating real-time advances in health care to set students up for success in their chosen careers.

Dr. Ana L. Hincapie has been a professor at the University of Cincinnati (UC) since 2015 and was recently promoted to Director of MS in Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics in 2021. Saying that Professor Hincapie is simply qualified for her role would be an understatement. Before coming to UC, she worked in higher education for eight years, co-authored two book chapters related to medication safety and quality improvement, and currently works as the coordinator for ambulatory pharmacy resources for St. Elizabeth Physicians.

Professor Hincapie began her journey in higher education at the National University of Colombia, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Pharmacy before earning her master’s and then Ph.D. in Pharmaco-Economics, Health Outcomes, and Biostatistics. After completing her degrees, she became a professor at California Northstate College of Pharmacy for two years before starting her journey at the University of Cincinnati.

What is Health Outcomes Research & Pharmacoeconomics?

While many people are not immediately familiar with this area of study, most would be surprised by how it affects our everyday lives. Health Outcomes Research and Pharmacoeconomics blend health economics and outcomes research to provide evidence-based insights to policymakers for decision-making. These efforts are focused on gathering information that measures the value of healthcare interventions and their effect on patients. Then, healthcare administrators and decision-makers take that data and use it to make decisions that will help improve the quality of overall healthcare provided to patients.

Graduates with a degree in Health Outcomes Research & Pharmacoeconomics go on to become consultants, program coordinators, researchers, or data analysts in the healthcare space and help make the decisions that affect the way healthcare is provided to patients all over the world.

Relying on real-time advancements to prepare students for the real world

As the director of MS in Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics, Dr. Hincapie spends most of her time connecting with potential applicants to help with the admissions process, as well as meeting with enrolled students to help guide them through the program and ensure their success.

Dr. Hincapie stresses the importance of staying up to date on recent advances in the health outcomes area to ensure that graduates are not only learning the basics but are coming out of their program ready to make a difference in the real world. For example, this semester, Dr. Hincapie incorporated recent content on Real-World Evidence (RWE) and Real-World Data (RWD) in her courses that were only just released before the start of the term.

Is UC’s Online Master’s in Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics degree right for you?

UC’s Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics degree program is closely connected to our Drug Development program, giving UC students a more robust foundation on drug development and regulatory affairs interconnecting with health outcomes. In addition to providing students with the knowledge, experience, and support they need to be successful in their chosen careers, UC also gives students the flexibility to create their own schedule by offering a 100% online learning environment.

Dr. Hincapie is just one of the world-class faculty members at UC Online who prides themselves on helping students grow and giving them the assistance and support they need to achieve their goals. UC Online MS Pharm Sci: Health Outcomes and Pharmacoeconomics degree is designed to train students with expertise in pharmaceutical sciences, economics, business, and quantitative analysis to apply those skills to conduct and manage health outcomes studies in a multitude of settings.

Learn More About UC’s online MS Pharm Sci: Health Outcomes & Pharmacoeconomics Program and apply today.


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