How A Master of Legal Studies Degree Can Benefit Your Career

Are you interested in the U.S. legal system but aren’t sure if law school is the right choice for you? Then you might want to consider a Master of legal studies degree. This degree was created for individuals who need a working knowledge of the law but do not intend on becoming practicing lawyers. Whether you work closely with legal professionals, work in a highly regulated industry, or own your own business, there are many reasons a master of legal studies degree can provide you with valuable skills and knowledge. There is no shortage of career options open to those earning a master of legal studies degree; the only question is, which one is right for you?

Human Resources

Almost every company has a Human Resources Manager. While you typically don’t need a master’s degree to rise to this position, having a comprehensive knowledge of the U.S. legal system and understanding the complicated laws surrounding employment will help anyone in this profession succeed. For example, the regulations regarding recruiting, hiring, promoting, and many other functions within a company are incredibly complex.

If you are working in the human resource field, earning a master of legal studies degree will not only give you the knowledge you need to succeed in your career, but it may also give you an advantage over other candidates when it comes to acquiring new roles and promotions.  


In healthcare, many laws and regulations are constantly changing and evolving. Medical and Health Service Managers can be found in almost any hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility. This role is usually responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the entire facility or a specific department. This position and any related positions would require a deep knowledge of the laws and regulations surrounding health care compliance.

Real Estate

If you have ever bought, sold, or rented a property, you probably understand how many laws and regulations surround the real estate business. Real estate agents and brokers must understand the intricacies of property and tax laws to succeed in their jobs. While a bachelor’s degree may not be required to become a real estate agent, more and more real estate professionals are earning college degrees to help progress their careers along with some real estate agencies requiring higher education. Earning a master of legal studies degree as a real estate agent would give you essential skills to help you do your job better or help you progress in your career to become a real estate broker.

Chief Executives

Chief executive officers create strategies and policies to help companies and organizations achieve their goals and manage all activities related to providing a product or service. While a Master’s degree in legal studies will not guarantee you a “C-Suite” position, earning a master of legal studies degree will help set you up for success if you plan to build a career in a business environment.

No matter what industry you are working in, there is a vast amount of knowledge to be had about the laws and regulations surrounding that industry, not to mention the laws and regulations that come with just running a business. Earning a master of legal studies degree will give you the base knowledge that you will need to work your way up and become an asset to any company.


Paralegals and legal assistants perform various tasks to support lawyers; some job requirements could include conducting legal research, preparing documents, and organizing client files. Paralegals are in a unique position because while they do not have to go through all the training to become a lawyer, they still must have an in-depth knowledge of the law.

Pursuing a master’s degree in legal studies can help you gain the specialized knowledge in legal code and processes that you need to perform your job with greater independence and accuracy. Because this degree is designed for non-lawyers who want to master the practical, working knowledge of the law, it is perfect for paralegals looking to take the next step in their careers.

Compliance Officers

Compliance officers play an essential role in any company, they are typically in charge of maintaining policies and procedures to ensure that the company remains within the industry’s regulatory framework. Every company is subject to various industry rules and regulations designed to keep employees, the environment, and the public safe. If any of these rules and regulations are not followed exactly, the company could face legal action, huge fines, or even being shut down completely. Because this role requires so much knowledge about industry laws, earning a master’s degree in legal studies is the perfect step to ensure you have all the skills needed to perform at an elevated level in this field.

What’s Next?

While we’ve listed many possible career options available to you after earning a Master’s in Legal Studies degree, there are many more to choose from that did not make a list. Are you interested in learning more? Check out the University of Cincinnati Online’s Master of Legal Studies Degree program and see if it is right for you and your career goals.

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