How UC Online Empowered Grad Student to Pursue a Master of Science in Marketing and Unlock Success

Robert is a motivated individual seeking to pursue a Master of Science in Marketing degree, and he expressed his enthusiasm about furthering his education, stating, “I am excited by the learning process and its outcomes, such as knowledge-share, skill, and mindset.” With a successful career transition that freed up his time, Robert found that the master’s in marketing degree would allow him to leverage his bandwidth effectively while still fulfilling his thirst for knowledge and achieving tangible results. His aspiration was to make a significant impact in various marketing areas, including “customer-obsessed and consumer-personalized data-driven insights, pricing and promotion, adaptive marketing plans, high-performance cross-functional teams, and organizational learning – to win the future.”

Master of Science in Marketing Student, Robert Odera's headshot.
Robert Odera, Masters of Marketing grad student, is excited about continuing his education.

Why University of Cincinnati and Why Online?

In his quest to choose the right institution, Robert conducted a data-driven analysis, narrowing down his choices to UC and two other universities. He ultimately selected UC due to the outstanding interaction, engagement, and empathic recognition he experienced from the program, admissions, and enrollment departments. It was clear that the personal touch mattered greatly to him.

When asked about his decision to opt for an online program, Robert quoted Peter Drucker, saying, “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” He believed that online programs offered the key to unlocking more time, co-location, and access, particularly for out-of-state non-traditional students like himself.

Driven to Achieve

Regarding his expectations of the program, Robert was focused on enhancing his way of working (WoW) to “make it possible, work, improve, fast, scale, and automate. Repeat!” He was determined to make the most of his education and apply it in his career.

Finding the online learning experience both fun and fulfilling, Robert described it as “Unique, robust, and refreshing. Flexible.” These aspects made his academic journey enjoyable and successful.

Despite any initial concerns or hesitations about enrolling in an online program, Robert humorously dismissed them, comparing his dedication to learning with karaoke, saying, “Are you kidding? Some people Karaoke. I learn. Sorry, this Bearcat is not sorry!”

Envisioning Success

With a sense of pride and enthusiasm, Robert encouraged others to consider UC Online, emphasizing that it could be their gateway to realizing their goals, saying, “Reflect on your aspirations. UC Online is your doorway to those aspirations. Step through that door!”

Looking ahead, Robert has ambitious plans for his degree, expressing his intention to challenge himself and others to “net out the best processes, results, and outcomes – launch Ph.D.”

Summing up his overall experience at the University of Cincinnati Online, Robert wholeheartedly recommends it to others, highlighting the exceptional return on investment he has experienced so far. He praised the engaging experiences with classmates and faculty, along with the university’s thought leadership highlighted in the news, making him “proud to be a Bearcat!”

Are you ready to continue your educational journey like Robert? Check out all that the MS Marketing program and the Lindner College of Business have to offer and start your application!

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