Increase Your Professional Marketability When You Come Home with Your Veteran Benefits

You’ve served your country honorably, and we appreciate all that you have done. Now, however, it’s time to turn your attention inward. How can you better yourself? What careers are out there for you? How can you use your military background and training to your advantage in the civilian world?

While we can’t pick the perfect career for you, we can tell you that it’s never been easier to achieve a military degree program online with the combination of military tuition assistance from GI Bills and the University of Cincinnati Online.

What Are GI Benefits?

While we go into more specifics in this post, essentially GI benefits include federal tuition assistance in the form of the Montgomery GI Bill and the Post 9/11 GI Bill. The bills have been enacted as programs that can provide substantial educational benefits for veterans and service members with at least two years of active duty.

When you use your GI benefits, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to advance your education by using government tuition assistance that you’ve already earned. When it’s time for you to take the next step after your military career, consider using your federal tuition assistance at UC – a university that is already committed to degree programs for military and veteran success.

How Furthering Your Education as a Veteran Gives You an Advantage

Although you might feel as though you’ve fallen behind other university students due to your military service, quite the opposite is true. Military service is highly valued by employers and it can be a valuable resource in reducing the costs to attend college as well as the credits required to graduate with a degree. Online degree programs for the military are abundant at the University of Cincinnati, with many career paths leading to higher salaries for employed veterans.

What Online Degree Programs Are Best for Those with a Military Background?

In the military, you learned a variety of skills. From soft skills (such as conflict resolution, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and a solid work ethic) to more specific skills learned for your particular branch, rank, and/or assignment, all of these translate to on-the-job experiences and resume builders that will benefit you as you work toward a career in the private sector.

Although certainly not all-encompassing, the following programs are a great fit for online degrees for military:

Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs for Military:

  • Technical and Applied Studies: Expand your training and knowledge as a leader in the military with a Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies degree. This degree helps you move into a supervisory or administrative role within a company or industry.
  • Criminal Justice: Even if you haven’t worked in a branch of the military’s criminal justice system or police force, the qualities that made you a good soldier will easily transfer into the criminal justice system.
  • Medical Laboratory Science: If you worked in the healthcare field while in the military or enjoyed working behind-the-scenes solving complex problems, a bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science would make a perfect fit. You’ll spend your days performing highly skilled examinations vital to patient diagnosis and treatment, helping with disease management and intervention. Now is the perfect time to pursue this career, as laboratory scientists are in high demand.
  • Health Sciences, Pre-Occupational Therapy: A bachelor’s degree in health sciences or pre-occupational therapy can use any training in the health field you may have undertaken while in the military. Plus, both fields are constantly expanding, making the need for health care workers that much more in demand.
  • Substance Abuse Counselor, Social Work: By serving your country, you believed in putting the country and the citizens of the country first. That means you already have the mindset of helping others and various problem-solving skills. Further your work helping others with a bachelor’s degree in substance abuse counseling or social work.
  • Information Technology: Pursuing a Bachelor of Science of Information Technology means you’ll graduate with the know-how to use computer technology to provide solutions to problems facing individuals, societies, and organizations. If you worked with computers or problem-solving in the military, this degree would be a great fit for you.

Online Master’s Degree Programs for Military:

  • Business Administration: Veterans often enjoy making the leap to corporate life, filling administrator roles that utilize a lot of their training. Skills such as leadership, decision-making, planning, and organizing are a perfect match for a Masters of Business Administration.
  • Criminal Justice: If you’ve already earned your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, UC’s online master’s program is the next logical step, and will help you take your coursework to the next level, leading to a wide range of criminal justice career paths. For all these reasons and more, criminal justice is one of the best graduate degrees for military officers.
  • Electrical, Mechanical Engineering: If you worked in the military as an engineer in any capacity then earning your master’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering is a great way to take your engineering knowledge to a higher level. You’ll learn cutting-edge skills that you can apply to all areas of technology.
  • Health Administration, Health Informatics: Take your career in health services even higher with a master’s degree in health administration or health informatics. These degrees will work in tandem with your previous military training to help you achieve a career as an executive healthcare leader. Healthcare administration is also one of the best master’s degrees for military officers.
  • Information Technology: Enroll in the Master of Science of Information Technology program and prepare yourself for a fulfilling career in problem-solving with technology. The University of Cincinnati is also one of only a few institutions in the country to have National Security Agency-sponsored National Centers of Academic Excellence in both cyber defense and cyber operations.
  • Nursing: Veterans who are interested in the medical field of nursing can choose from among four different military masters degree program paths and two certifications at the University of Cincinnati online. With a vocation that’s in high demand, former military health care professionals are especially adept at earning their master’s degrees in nursing and can look forward to a rewarding career using their compassion, empathy, and critical thinking skills to help those who need it most.

What Makes UC Online the Perfect Choice for Military Veterans Using their GI Bills?

  • University of Cincinnati online is a proud yellow-ribbon participating school.
  • Offers a variety of programs.
  • Part of the VetSuccess program.
  • Counts more than 2,000 military-affiliated students among its ranks.
  • Adheres closely to Department of Veterans Affairs principles of excellence in providing a high-quality educational experience tailored to the unique needs of veteran students.
  • Accepts and awards college credit for your military training and experience in the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard as long as it has been approved by the American Council on Education or a regional accrediting body.
  • Dedicated team of student success coordinators who are focused on helping you achieve your goal of earning a college degree or an advanced master’s degree.
  • Dedicated office of Veterans Programs & Services that can help you get the most out of the educational benefits you have earned through your service.
  • Ensures an accessible environment.

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