Laboratory Manager Thanks UC Online for a “Great Experience” While Earning Her Degree

Attending university can be a daunting task full of uncertainty, but that wasn’t the case for Karrie Wetzell, who was able to excel in her career thanks to her time at the University of Cincinnati. An undergraduate alumnus who returned to complete graduate school online, Karrie shared her experience with us after graduating with her Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership. She is currently a Laboratory Manager at Hammond-Henry Hospital in Illinois and says that her new credentials position her to advance even further!

Karrie tells us that she still got the full college experience that she was hoping for despite being in a fully online program. Hear her full story about the experience of working full-time and studying at the University of Cincinnati Online below.

What motivated you to seek this degree at UC Online over other institutions?

I live and work and Illinois and wanted to improve my leadership skills and professional development. I received my bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science from UC and had a great experience! It was an easy decision to return for my master’s degree. Dr. Patricia Tille is a well-respected member of the laboratory community and runs an excellent MLS program. I knew that I would receive the best education here.

What made you choose the medical laboratory field of study?

I have always known I wanted to be a scientist and help people. The field of Medical Laboratory Science allows me to do both. On a personal level, my career gives me purpose. Professionally, my career is very rewarding, and I am constantly learning new things.

Overall, how would you describe the online learning experience?

The online learning experience is great! It allows me the flexibility to watch lectures, submit assignments, meet with professors, and fellow students wherever I am. This has allowed me to balance work, college, and life. I suppose you could say I had a full college experience from a distance!

What are your thoughts about the professors and staff at UC Online? How were your interactions with them?

The professors and staff at UC are awesome and easily accessible. They are knowledgeable, fair, and always ready to help. My interactions with them have been positive.

What were your main concerns about enrolling in this program? What advice would you have for someone considering it?

I knew this program would be challenging because I have a demanding full-time job and a family. Balancing my time was a big concern.

To anyone considering enrolling in this program, my advice would be: Just do it! You will be glad that you did!

What do you plan to do with your degree?

I plan on staying in my current position as a laboratory manager, however, I am well-positioned to move into administration or any other opportunity that comes my way!

Overall, would you recommend the University of Cincinnati Online to others?

I absolutely recommend UC to others. UC has an outstanding faculty and educational programs. I have completed a bachelor’s in medical laboratory science (MLS) and soon a master’s in MLS leadership programs. They have been challenging, but two of my life’s most rewarding accomplishments.

Don’t miss out on the college experience while learning online with the University of Cincinnati

Attending college online doesn’t mean you won’t get the full college experience, especially if you have work and family obligations to balance. At the University of Cincinnati Online, you will get the same opportunities as an on-campus student. These include:

  • Application-to-graduation support from Enrollment Services Advisors and Student Success Coordinators
  • Access to libraries, technical support, online learning management, the writing center, etc.
  • Networking opportunities through well-connected faculty
  • Opportunity to walk during graduation and receive your diploma in person

If you want a full college experience that allows you to earn your diploma at your own pace while achieving work-life balance, you needn’t look any further! Contact a University of Cincinnati Online advisor today or call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at (833) 556-8611 to start your journey.

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