Lifelong Learner Excels Thanks to UC Online’s Medical Laboratory Master’s Degree

Embarking on a graduate degree is a life-changing journey. This was especially true for Melissa “Missy” Pope who recently graduated with a Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership from the University of Cincinnati. A lifelong learner, Missy shared her experience in the graduate program and the impact that it’s had on her life and career. Read on to hear Missy’s story with the University of Cincinnati Online and the impact it can have on your career journey!

What motivated you to seek this degree?

I chose the Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership degree because it offered the curriculum needed to develop or refine leadership skills and focused on the diverse professionals with laboratory backgrounds.

What did you select an online program at UC Online vs. other institutions?

I chose the online program as it allowed me to complete the degree while living in Montana. The online program also afforded the ability to create a work, college, and life balance.

I discovered the University of Cincinnati while completing my bachelor’s degree. The program at UC also offered the opportunity to choose from several elective concentrations, allowing me to align my educational path with my long-term career goals.

What made you choose this field of study?

I chose the field of study for personal and professional development as a career laboratory professional in a Clinical Laboratory Science field. I am passionate about the laboratory and excited to find a program with a curriculum that focuses on the laboratory. As a lifelong learner, the Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership was the personal achievement of a higher educational goal. On a professional level, the field of study helped me develop or refine the skills needed to excel as a clinical or academic educator for future laboratory professionals.

What did you expect from this program? Were your expectations met?

Reflecting to when I first began the program, I thought the program would be a lot of work. I also realized there was a lot to be learned that would aid me in my professional and educational goals. Yes, I feel my expectations of the program were met. Yes, the program was a lot of work, which made sense for a graduate program. I am applying for faculty positions, and I was accepted into a Doctor of Health Science program that started this week.

Overall, how would you describe your online learning experience including admission?

The admission process was straightforward and streamlined with the help of my academic advisor. For me, online learning was easy. I completed assignments as soon as possible and communicated with the professor for each course if I had any questions or issues. I do feel like I received the full college experience.

What are your thoughts on the faculty of this program?

The faculty at UC were excellent. The faculty was personable and engaging. The experience focused on myself as a whole student, not just a name in a grade book. My success is a reflection of the faculty’s dedication to the program and the students. They were always available for office hours or one-on-one meetings in Teams. That helped create the college experience of meeting with them in real-time. Faculty responded to emails amazingly well, helping foster the college experience through distance learning. The communication was excellent. The faculty of the program exceeded my initial expectations and were excellent mentors throughout the program.

Did you have any hesitations about enrolling? Any advice for someone considering an online degree?

My only initial hesitation was the length of the program. However, the courses progressed quickly along with the whole program.

This program was fantastic. I have grown personally and professionally thanks to the dedication, mentorship, and hard work of the educators in the program. The educators in the program inspired me through their guidance and leadership that all future career and academic goals are achievable with hard work and dedication.

Would you recommend the University of Cincinnati Online to others?

I would without a doubt recommend UC to others who plan to start a new career path, further their educational goals, or are looking for personal growth.

I am grateful for the experience in the program and the expertise the educators in the program brought to the online environment.

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