Medical Laboratory Educator says her Latest Promotion is thanks to her UC Online Degree

As the need for leaders in the medical laboratory science field grows, so does the need for medical lab educators. Donna Barnes is among those helping to fill that need thanks to her online degree from the University of Cincinnati!

Currently an associate professor and an interim program director at Wake Technical Community College, Donna spoke to us about her UC Online experience with us. Earning her graduate degree in the Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Science Leadership (MS-MLSL) program marks an important milestone in her education and her career as a medical laboratory professional.

Why did you choose UC Online over other institutions?

The University of Cincinnati has an excellent reputation for medical laboratory science that I wanted to be part of. The online program offered the scheduling flexibility I needed with my residence location being in another state.

What were your expectations for this program? Were they met?

My expectation of a quality education relevant to my career was met. I much preferred learning online due to the flexibility it offered and the ability to work at my own pace.

What are your thoughts on the professors in this program and the UC Online staff?

The professors were very knowledgeable and supportive throughout my time here. I didn’t have many interactions with the faculty but all communication that I experienced have was great!

What concerns would you address for someone considering this program?

Working a full-time job while balancing online coursework is manageable if you plan your schedule well. This program requires focus and good writing skills. Be sure to think ahead!

What do you plan to do with your degree?

The degree I earned is necessary for the position that I currently hold.

Would you recommend the University of Cincinnati Online to others?

I would recommend the UC MS-MLSL program to any medical laboratory scientist wanting a challenge and to improve their writing skills while earning a master’s degree!

Experience the Quality Education UC is Known for While You Continue in Your Career

You shouldn’t have to put your working life on hold to get a quality education that will allow you to advance in your career. That’s why Donna and so many others take this step in their educational journey throughout the University of Cincinnati Online! Here, you’ll find a fulfilling learning experience while earning a graduate-level degree you can take pride in.

The graduate program is unlike any other in its acceptance of laboratory experience from all backgrounds. Whether you have a medical laboratory science/technology certification from ASCP or experience working in a lab, this program is designed to help you advance your career in one of four concentration paths:

  1. Higher Education Concentration
  2. Health Care Administration Concentration
  3. Advanced Practice Concentration – Immunoheme/Cell Therapy/Trans. Med
  4. Advanced Practice Concentration – Micro/Molecular Diagnostics

Through these paths, you will be able to advance as an administrator, an educator, or an advanced research specialist that can continue to make an impact in this growing field.

If you’re ready to take the next step or have questions about the program, contact one of our advisors online, or call (833) 556-8611 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. UC Online is ready for you!

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