Support Services for Online Learning Key to Student Success and Well Being

Life tends to throw a lot of responsibilities at us all, and attending college can add significantly to anyone’s daily “To Do” list. Working toward education goals is a time of discovery, inspiration, and growth. But it can also be stressful and sometimes seem overwhelming, especially for online students, who can feel less connected to campus resources.

Knowing you have a helping hand (dozens of them, in fact), understanding how to access assistance, and taking the important step of reaching out to engage with support services can be a critical factor in successfully balancing college and the rest of life.

Research shows that college students who access support services are more successful both academically and in career development, and also achieve higher levels of overall wellbeing.[1] Yet more than half of students nationwide indicate that they have never accessed services provided by their college.

Connecting Students to Support

There are countless reason students are reluctant to seek support for online learning including not being familiar with what services are available, not being sure how to access them, or fear of  “feeling inadequate” for admitting they need help.[2]

To help online students overcome the barriers to utilizing student support services, the University of Cincinnati emphasizes these important areas:

  • Increasing awareness of support services that can be accessed online
  • Emphasizing that services are available FREE OF CHARGE for current students
  • Providing links and easy online access to support services
  • Normalizing the use of support services and letting students know that reaching out for assistance is a healthy choice that contributes to overall success and well being

UC Ensures Equal Access to Support Services for Online Students

Whether attending on campus or learning online, University of Cincinnati students have equal access to comprehensive support services to assist in every area of being a student, including:

  • Planning schedules and enrolling in classes
  • Choosing a major that leads to a fulfilling career
  • Succeeding in classes
  • Building good study habits
  • Preparing for the job search
  • Mastering technology used as an online student
  • Managing finances/paying for college
  • Navigating college processes
  • Staying emotionally healthy and balanced
  • Securing accessibility services for students with disabilities

“We’re all here to make sure you’re successful along the way – whatever way works best for you!”

What Student Services Are Available Online?

As online learning has become the new normal, it has also become common knowledge that the quality of education and instruction is equal to that experienced in a classroom. But what about access to other student services? What can online students access easily to help balance life as a college student with all of life’s other responsibilities?

Online students have full access to all UC student resources, including:

  • Office of Student Success: Our team of student success coordinators support you from the time you confirm your spot in a program all the way through graduation. This support includes anything you may need — from connecting you to key resources, helping you navigate the online study platform, or explaining how to contact your professors in an online environment.
  • Learning Commons: This one-stop resources brings together faculty, best practices in teaching and learning, and hundreds of outstanding peer educators to provide academic assistance outside of the classroom, including:
    • Academic Advising: The Office of Academic Advising is here to help guide you through your academic program, from choosing a major, to registering for classes, and staying on track to graduation.
    • Academic Writing Center: The Academic Writing Center provides you with free writing assistance through trained writing tutors who can provide feedback on papers six pages or less within 48 hours.=
    • Online Bookstore: Access for purchasing everything you need for class, from textbooks to supplies, and even Bearcat spirit wear!
  • Accessibility Services: Providing full and equal access to students, employees, and visitors with disabilities.
  • Career resources: The Bearcat Promise Career Studio provides services that allow all students to engage in career exploration, planning and development, and so much more. Whether you’re writing your resumé or interviewing for your next big job, we’re here to help.
  • Enrollment Services: For assistance with anything having to do with being a UC student, this is your one stop. You’ll find help with things like registering for classes, paying for college, accessing your student record, purchasing student health insurance and more.
  • Library: Whether onsite or online, we connect students, faculty, researchers, and scholars to dynamic data, information, and resources.
  • Online Tutorials: Learning online involves using many different types of technology. We’ll help you get started with online tutorials for the systems you’ll use every day in online courses.
  • Personal Counseling Services: We take a collaborative, strengths-based approach to help connect you with tools, resources, and strategies to meet your mental health goals. Whether you’re looking for continued support, or need only one meeting, we’re here to assist you on your Bearcat journey.
  • Technology Services: Access to technology and a reliable internet connection are just two of the things you need when learning remotely. To help you make the most of your education, we provide whatever assistance you need to ensure a smooth online experience.

“Make sure you have the opportunity to get a realistic job preview…
an internship, clinical experience or co-op experience.”

Watch this video message from Jeff Bower, Dean at UC Clermont, for recommendations on important resources to access as a student at UC.

We Love to See Online Students On Campus Too!

Many students who attend UC online live or work in the greater Cincinnati area. If that’s the case for you – or if you’re ever visiting the area –  we invite you to our campuses to meet us in person and access support services. Maybe it’s easier to sit down with an Academic Advisor to plan your semester schedule – or map out your entire degree path. Perhaps talking face-to-face with a financial aid expert will help you understand your options better. Whatever the case, just because you don’t attend class on campus doesn’t mean you can’t access support services live and in person. Regardless where you attend classes, our students can access any service on any of our campuses or online. We’re all here to make sure you’re successful along the way – whatever way works best for you.

Click the links to services (provided above) for a list of where each is provided, as well as walk-in hours or links to make an appointment.

Use these links for directions and maps of each campus:

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[1].      Supporting Studies

  •   Academic Advising: A study published in the Journal of College Student Development found that students who met with their advisors more frequently had higher GPAs and were more likely to graduate on time.
  • Tutoring: A meta-analysis of 61 studies on the effectiveness of tutoring found that it had a positive impact on student achievement, particularly in math and science courses.
  • Mental Health Services: A study published in the Journal of American College Health found that students who participated in mental health counseling had lower levels of depression and anxiety, and higher levels of academic achievement.
  • Career Services: A study published in the Journal of Career Development found that students who utilized career counseling services were more likely to find internships and full-time jobs after graduation, and to earn higher salaries.

[2].      Supporting Studies:

  • Mental Health Services:,
  • Fear of asking for help:
  • Lack of awareness:



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