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UC Online Introduces Master’s in Business Analytics from Lindner College of Business

Many people have called the era we’re living in “the golden age of data.” And just as gold must be mined to get value from it, so does data. Collecting data and not mining the information for insights is like not transforming gold into something more than a shiny rock.

As more companies worldwide fully digitize critical areas of their businesses — from technology to operations, processes, marketing, customer experience and more — the need for skilled people to analyze this digitized information is exploding. Analyzing data helps a business make more informed decisions, improves business functions, creates more reliable forecasting, reveals insights about its customers and competitors and aids product and service development.

Demand for Skilled Business Analytics Professionals

Today, people who work in business analytics have almost unlimited opportunities for where they can work. This advantage is because analytics-minded talent is needed in almost any industry and sector, whether the business intelligence expert plans to work for a government agency, corporation, school, nonprofit or even a small business.

If you work in this field today, you’ve seen the demand for your expertise grow, particularly in recent years. You’ve seen competition for coveted positions grow, too, as more people identify as data scientists, business analytics leads and data intelligence engineers. In a competitive market, what makes analytics subject matter experts rise to the top of an employer’s “must hire list” will include a variety of aspects, such as job experience, salary expectations, organizational fit and exhibiting confidence throughout the interview process.

A business analytics professional’s educational background comes into play, too, and a graduate degree in the field can make a difference when it comes to scoring a great, high-paying job.

New Online Graduate-Level Analytics Program

University of Cincinnati (UC) is meeting the needs of today’s business intelligence professionals by offering a master’s degree in this fast-moving field. New to UC’s graduate-degree line-up is the Master of Science (MS) in Business Analytics program, with 100% online coursework tailored for adults who prefer not to attend college in person. The new program is structured to leverage the success of the renowned on-campus program from UC’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business, which has been AACSB-accredited since 1919. (Also of note: Predictive Analytics Today named UC as the number-one MS in data science school.)

As more employers seek candidates with a Master of Business Analytics degree, the timing of this new fully online program couldn’t be better. And now, people from outside the Cincinnati metropolitan area — both in and outside the U.S. — can study for a business analytics master’s degree from wherever they live.

Thoughtfully Designed Master’s Program

UC Online’s Business Analytics Master’s program is designed to provide you with the skills and tools you need to collect and analyze data to bring the most value to your organization (or the one you hope to work for). Earning your master’s degree is a powerful differentiator you can highlight on your resume and LinkedIn profile, and it sets you apart from other individuals with less education.

Many of our students find new career opportunities opening up while they’re still in the master’s program — meaning, employers pay attention to the educational pursuits you’re working toward, not just what degree you completed.

What you learn from UC Online’s program strengthens core business analytics and technical skills that help you understand and implement descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. The program is ideal if you’re new to business analytics or have been working in this specialty area for years. (View admission requirements for this program which are based on a combination of prerequisites, including academic and professional achievement.)

Relevant, Essential Courses

Our online MS in Business Analytics program curriculum features 25 semester credit hours of foundational courses and electives worth 8 semester credit hours. You’ll work on real-world projects and learn the highly marketable skills necessary to succeed in roles specializing in data visualization, statistical modeling, data mining and analyzing large datasets to reveal actionable insights.

The program includes the math-focused courses you would expect from a business analytics degree and others designed to grow your expertise in key areas of business analytics.

Here are a few courses you’ll want to make note of:

  • Simulation Modeling and Methods – In this course, you build and use simulation models using spreadsheets and high-level simulation software. Topics include generating random numbers, random variates and processes, modeling systems, simulating static models in spreadsheets, modeling complex dynamic stochastic systems, etc.
  • Game Theory – Here, you grow your understanding of the fundamental concepts in non-cooperative game theory, applying the theory to analyze imperfect competition, moral hazard, adverse selection, market failures and externalities, public goods and solving relevant problems employing game-theoretic tools.
  • Data Wrangling – This course provides an intensive, interactive introduction to data management and manipulation. You learn the fundamental skills required to acquire, munge, transform, manipulate and visualize data in a computing environment that fosters reproducibility.
  • Data Mining I – This course emphasizes hands-on case study experiences using various data mining/machine learning methods and leading software packages to analyze complex real-world data. Topics include data preprocessing, k-nearest neighbors, generalized linear regression, subset and LASSO variable selection, model evaluation, cross-validation, classification and regression trees. (Note: There is also a Data Mining II course.)
Who This Degree Is Ideal For

Our MS in Business Analytics students come from a variety of industries, and their career interests span a diverse number of data intelligence-focused roles. Some students hope to get a promotion or new responsibilities at work by earning their degree. Others want to make the leap to a new company and believe a master’s degree will enable them to get there.

Your personal story and desires may be similar to the students in our program — or you may have another reason for earning your master’s degree. Whether you want to be a data scientist, optimization analyst, work in market research analyst or be a self-employed business consultant, this program is for you. If you hope for a well-paying and rewarding career in financial services, consumer goods or media and entertainment, UC Online’s master’s program can propel you to the next step of your business-analytics career.

Online Education Offer Numerous Benefits

If you’re new to the idea of getting a degree online, here’s what to know about its many advantages and UC Online’s differentiators:

  • You can attend full- or part-time. With coursework available online 24/7, you can easily incorporate school into your work demands and other obligations.
  • You learn from (and are inspired) by our top-notch faculty. These educators are passionate about the business analytics field and our committed to our new online master’s program.
  • You interact with students from across the world. This enriches your educational experience and helps you grow your professional network.
  • You get start-to-graduation support. When you enroll, we introduce you to a Student Success Coordinator. Consider them your dedicated advocate who supports you through graduation.
Interested in Learning More?

We’re excited about your interest in attending UC, and we hope you choose our university. UC is a premier research and higher learning institution with a rich, 200-year history. UC ranks in the top tier of America’s Best Colleges by U.S. News & World Report and is fully accredited nationally.

So, what do you think? Is our MS in Business Analytics program what you’ve been looking for? We hope so. Why not take the first step toward furthering your career in business intelligence and analytics by connecting with an enrollment advisor today?

We look forward to you joining the Bearcat Community.

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