What Are Business Applications? Benefits, Careers, & More

Business applications are programs that companies use to perform tasks and manage different aspects of their operations. These applications help businesses work more effectively, make better decisions, and better serve customers.

There are different types of business applications, including:

  • Accounting Software: These applications manage financial transactions, bookkeeping, and financial reports to keep a company’s finances in order.
  • Project Management Software: Project management software assists in planning and tracking projects, making it easier for teams to work together and track progress.
  • Communication and Collaboration Tools: These help with employee communication and teamwork. These tools include email, video conferencing, and document sharing, making it easier for people to work together, even if they’re not in the same place.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP): ERP software helps companies manage their core processes like finances, HR, inventory, and manufacturing by keeping all this information in one place.
  • Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM): CRM software helps companies manage and build customer relationships. It stores customer information and helps with sales, marketing, and customer support.
  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS): HRMS software handles HR tasks like payroll, benefits, and employee records.

Business applications are vital for the smooth operation of companies and help them meet their goals.

How to Become a Business Applications Expert

Numerous software companies offer a wide array of applications for businesses, and trying to master every single one is an impractical undertaking. The path to expertise in Business Applications is establishing a solid understanding of today’s widely used programs.

At the University of Cincinnati, our Associate of Applied Business in Business Applications Technology will give you the firm foundation you’ll need for a successful career.

In this comprehensive program, you’ll gain practical expertise in using the following programs:

  • Microsoft Word: Discover how to create, edit, and format documents, such as contracts and business reports, effectively.
  • Microsoft Excel: Master managing and organizing data in rows and columns. Learn to create budgets, generate charts, and confidently perform data analysis.
  • Microsoft Access: Dive into database management and become skilled at storing information, including customer details and product inventory.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Unlock your creative potential and craft engaging presentations, allowing you to share your ideas effectively.
  • Microsoft Project: Gain proficiency in project management, from scheduling tasks to allocating resources and tracking progress for successful project completion.
  • Power Automate: Become adept at automating tasks to save time and reduce errors. Configure it to move files, send email notifications, and update data across various applications.
  • Microsoft Forms: Learn to use this user-friendly online tool to create surveys and quizzes, making it an invaluable resource for collecting feedback and information.
  • Microsoft Teams: Elevate your communication and collaboration skills by mastering the features of this digital meeting and workspace. It combines chat, video calls, and file sharing to facilitate remote work and virtual meetings.
  • Salesforces’ Tableau: Harness the power of data visualization and learn how to create charts and graphs that transform complex data into easily understandable visuals, making trend-spotting a breeze.

UC’s Business Applications Technology degree will give you practical skills in these applications, ensuring you’re well-prepared to use them effectively. By becoming proficient in these productivity support applications, you’ll have strong foundational knowledge, making it easier for you to quickly learn advanced enterprise-level applications, like ERPs, CRMs, and HRMSs, specific to your chosen career field when you’re on the job.

In addition to the above productivity support applications, you’ll get hands-on experience with programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

What Careers Will You Be Prepared for with a Degree in Business Applications Technology?

You’ll be prepared for a variety of careers in the business world, including:

  1. Junior Business Analyst: Entry-level business analysts work on projects under the guidance of senior analysts, helping collect and analyze data for decision-making.
  2. Data Entry Clerk: These clerks input and manage data in databases, ensuring information is accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Administrative Assistant: This role involves assisting with office tasks, managing schedules, and using software for efficient office operations.
  4. Help Desk Technician: Help desk technicians provide basic technical support, answering inquiries and resolving common computer-related issues for users.
  5. Customer Support Representative: Customer support representatives assist customers with inquiries and issues related to products or services, often using customer relationship management (CRM) software.

These careers offer many opportunities, from entry-level positions to roles that can advance your career as you gain experience and expertise. Your Business Applications Technology degree equips you with skills to thrive in various business and technology-related roles.

More Educational Opportunities

The Associate of Applied Business in Business Applications Technology degree fully prepares you to continue your education in a bachelor’s program. In fact, after earning your business applications technology degree, you can complete your Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies online with just two additional years of study.

How Are Classes Structured in a Business Applications Technology Degree?

The Associate of Applied Business in Business Applications Technology degree program consists of 60 credits.

Courses in the Business Applications Technology degree program are structured as seven-week sessions and are designed to be fully asynchronous. This means that you have the flexibility to manage your own schedule. Once you’re enrolled, you can access instructional materials at your convenience as long as you meet the specified course deadlines. It’s important to note that there are no live video lectures in this type of learning format. Learn more about asynchronous learning in our blog post “Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning.”

How Can I Get Started?

Let us help you complete the next step towards reaching your goals while balancing other life responsibilities! Reach out to us today to learn more and take the next step toward your Associate of Applied Business in Business Applications Technology degree. Our knowledgeable team of Enrollment Services Advisors are here to assist you.

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