What Is an Information Session and Why Should You Attend Them?

Visiting colleges and universities and learning more about them are a big part of every potential student’s college search strategy. Oftentimes, in addition to a campus tour, a main portion of the visit involves attending an information session. It’s here where you can learn more about specific programs and ask questions.

But what about if you’re applying to an online school? Are info sessions worth it? Should you still attend even if you never intend to set foot on campus?

The answer is “yes”! From learning more general information about the University of Cincinnati Online to having a platform on which to ask very specific questions, information sessions are your chance to learn all you can, directly from UCO’s administration.

Who attends info sessions?

Anyone and everyone interested in learning more about the University of Cincinnati Online’s program offerings can and should attend an information session.

Why should you attend an info session?

You may be asking yourself “Why attend info sessions?” After all, you’re planning on attending college online, so what more could you need to know, especially if a campus tour is unnecessary?

Turns out, plenty!

Even if you aren’t coming to campus for classes, our information sessions are an important part of your virtual college visit. It’s the easiest place to get in front of the admissions office, gather more information about the program, learn about faculty and staff, and make sure the program is a good fit. You’ll be able to walk away from the session confident in your next steps toward earning your degree.

Of course, if you think of any questions after the information session, you can always connect with an advisor for more details.

What will you learn at an info session?

What is an information session for college if not a chance to learn all you possibly can about the place you chose to help you advance your career to the next level?

While you will be given general information about attending UC Online at your info session, you will also be able to ask any specific program-related questions that you may have.

Questions can include:

  • What’s it like to be an online student?
  • What’s a typical day like for an online student in _______ program?
  • What is the average amount of time students spend studying every week?
  • How responsive are the professors to online students’ questions?
  • How do I pay my tuition?
  • What equipment do I need at my home for successful online learning?

UCO’s Upcoming Virtual Information Sessions

Navigate to UC Online’s info sessions to learn more, or register online today!

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