Tuition: MSN Nurse-Midwifery

October 15, 2020
Program FeePart-Time (total cost per credit hour)Full-Time (total cost per semester)
Instructional Fee$662.00$6,612.00
General Fee$39.80$398.00
ITIE Fee$18.00$184.00
Distance Learning Fee$26.20$257.00
Program Fee$563.00*$563.00*
Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance*$31.00*$31.00*
Total Cost per Credit (Resident)$746.00*N/A
Non-Resident Surcharge$15.00$150.00
Total Cost per Credit (Non-Resident)$761.00*N/A
Total Tuition Cost per Semester (Resident)N/A$8,045.00
Total Tuition Cost per Semester (Non-Resident)N/A$8,195.00
Costs are subject to change at any time. Full-Time total costs are total tuition costs per semester.

* Denotes that a program fee is charged for both part-time students and full-time students. It is only calculated in the full term numbers above. Part-time students will have to add an additional $563 after they calculate their cost.

* Bloodborne Pathogen Insurance is charged to both part-time students and full-time students on a yearly basis and is only charged if the student is NOT covered by Student Health Insurance. $31 is not included in any totals above.

Students in the Master of Science in Nursing: Nurse Midwifery program can expect the following expenses in addition to the tuition and fees listed above: travel expenses for two onsite visits to the University of Cincinnati, travel costs to clinical sites and required text books.

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