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The University of Cincinnati Online Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) program allows its students to choose one of four focus areas for study: IT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Game Development and Mobile/Social Applications.

Program Overview

Graduate work in information technology is for professionals who have a passion for problem solving and technology. Learning about new technology and how it can be used to solve our most important issues is the driving force behind those who pursue IT. Using strong interpersonal skills to communicate project details with team members, project managers, clients, and end users, IT professionals conduct quality analysis research and have strong reasoning, problem-solving, and systems-analysis skills.  

The MSIT program provides a choice of focus: cybersecurity; IT infrastructure; game development: or, mobile and social development that prepares students to develop software applications, networks, and systems that transform our digital lives.

Those professionals with a strong background in a computing discipline, IT certificates, and/or work experience in the field, can be admitted directly into the MSIT program. However, anyone can seek admittance into the program upon the completion of up to four IT bridge courses regardless of academic or professional background. These courses are designed to bridge any gap in knowledge to prepare for the MSIT.

Prior to graduation, students can choose between writing a thesis or developing a project as the capstone for their program. Graduate students who choose to write a thesis will work closely with university faculty to create a solution to an information technology issue and then prepare a paper for publication. Students who develop projects will work with faculty in the student’s own area of interest to identify and solve an IT issue. These projects often serve as the student’s launch pad for their career or the basis for a new business.


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