The University of Cincinnati uses a secure Central Login Service for students, faculty, and staff to access essential online services and tools. This includes registering for classes; paying tuition and fees; checking financial aid; accessing courses through Canvas; and accessing your UC email account, online library resources, and more — all using the same Username and Password.

What is Your Central Login?

Your Username (or “6+2”) is usually the first six letters of your last name followed by your first and middle initials. There are exceptions in cases of common names or users without a middle initial. Contact the UCIT Integrated Help Desk at 513-556-HELP (4357) for assistance.

Your default password is: Uc!mmddyyyy where mmddyyyy is your full date of birth. Remember to use the ! exclamation point and not a 1 or an l. If your initial password does not work, contact the helpdesk at 513-556-4357.

Secure your Password

To locate your UCID Username and password or to reset your password without having to call the Help Desk, follow the password step-by-step instructions.