Working in Your Course

Understanding how to do coursework for your classes. Check out the Blackboard Tutorial.

Blackboard Tutorials

The university is committed to creating an innovative, collaborative and student-centered eLearning ecosystem. At its core, it is a network of expertise, partnerships and systems that will make this ecosystem successful.
UC’s eLearning ecosystem, Canopy, is made up of a system of diverse individuals, processes, systems, and applications. Canopy connects the dots between UC’s eLearning tools and the Bearcat users.

Your Courses Online

Click the links below to access Blackboard Learn Tutorials posted on UC’s Canopy website, On Demand videos from Blackboard, or watch a more in-depth video with Blackboard Learn Essential Training on
Canopy: Blackboard Tutorials & Instruction

On Demand: Blackboard Student Videos

Lynda: Blackboard Learn Essential Training

You will be prompted to enter your UC Central Login to view this video. is a UC licensed online video-training library that has more than 1,400 software, career development, and technology training titles that you can access for free from anywhere.

Tips & Tricks

Pop-up Blockers
Blackboard Learn uses small browser windows to deliver requested content. Some pop-up blockers incorrectly interpret these small windows as pop-ups and blocks them. If you have installed a pop-up blocker, turn it off while using Blackboard.

Java Security Certificate
After login into Blackboard, you will be prompted to accept a Java Security Certificate. You must click Yes or Always to ensure that Blackboard will functionality using Java will work properly in your browser.

Remember to Log Out
If you are on a shared or public computer, you must click the “Logout” link at the top of Blackboard page when you are done. Closing the web browser will not log you out of the system.