Online Program Fees

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The University of Cincinnati Online provides high-quality programs to students from all walks of life. Unlike the traditional on-campus college model, we embrace distance learning—a more affordable and accessible approach to education for working students.

Our programs allow students to pursue degrees without having to quit their jobs. Our online courses offer the same quality education found on campus in a modern format that fits students’ tight budgets and busy schedules.

Course Costs

UC Online course costs differ depending on the program. On average, students will accrue fewer fees than students attending on-campus classes.

The one fee applied across all UC Online programs is the non-resident fee. Students living outside the state of Ohio must pay an additional “non-resident” fee to enroll in courses at UC Online. This fee is lower than the out-of-state fee for traditional on-campus programs.

State residency is determined by the Office of the Registrar. Should you have questions about your residency, please contact

Other mandatory fees for UC Online programs are outlined below. If you have questions or concerns about fees, please visit each specific program page or contact us.



Financial Aid

Financial aid packages, grants, and scholarships are available for UC Online students. You can offset the cost of your education by applying for FAFSA each year that you enroll. Various scholarships are also available for which students can apply. Learn more about your financial aid options and how they can help bring your degree within reach.

Open the Door to a New Career with UC Online!

With low fees and inexpensive tuition costs, UC Online brings the next stage of your career even closer. Achieve more and become a leader in your field through one of our many programs. Interested? Request more information today.