Social Work Testimonials: Bachelor of Social Work

Social Work Testimonials: Bachelor of Social Work
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Social Work Testimonials

UC’s Online BSW students live across the United States and bring a wide variety of life experiences with them to enrich our coursework. We are proud to share a few of their stories, ambitions, and thoughts about our degree program with you.

Ana, a previous UC Online BSW student, shares her story as an immigrant from Cuba and finding UC Online’s  BSW program. Ana’s dream of freedom became a reality when she was rescued and came to America at 10 years old. She has always dreamed of giving back and helping others. As a busy mom, wife and teacher, she found the Bachelor of Social Work program at UC Online which allowed her the flexibility she needed to fulfill her dream.


Isabella W. explains where her drive to get her degree in social work comes from:

“I was a child that was in foster care, I was adopted, and have a story to share. I felt like I could make a difference in the world by stepping into this field as there are many things I would like to change about the system.”

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Kathy W. shares why UC Online’s BSW degree was a perfect fit:

“This has been an amazing experience. The feedback from the professors, as well as their availability (email, zoom, etc.), has ensured that I am aware and in understanding of the course expectations and demands. The professors have been encouraging and made me feel supported throughout this journey. My fellow learners have been amazing and a great support system for motivation and encouragement. The courses; with a variety of text offerings, to fit your specific learning style and the programs utilized, have all integrated well and worked seamlessly-I never had to worry about a program not working, not responding or being difficult to work with.”

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Megan M. shares why she sought out a Bachelor of Social Work degree at UC Online:

“For years I wanted to get a college degree but did not have any support or encouragement from my family since graduating high school in 2007. I was married in 2016, and my husband and I adopted our three children shortly after. It was through my husband’s encouragement and us being involved in the process of the child welfare system that I found my calling to social work. I had an undoubtable passion to pursue this degree.

UC was the only university to closely match my transfer credits and provide an online BSW. I had also heard ,from many social workers I had connections with, that UC was one of the top social work programs in the nation.”

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Jordan N. reflects on her time in the program so far and what led her there:

“I have a mentor in the field, and while working, I realized that mental health goes hand in hand with substance use. I chose the BSW program to ensure that I give my clients the utmost best care they could ever receive.

I want to change the thoughts of any population that may not have any personal or family connections to SUD or M/H. The individuals that have not been educated on the disease. The individuals who only have seen addiction and mental health from what Hollywood’s perspective is. The Stigma of both is killing so many of our population. ”

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Kristina L. shares her advice for those considering the program:

“Do it.  You will be surprised and delighted how challenging it is.  Just because it is online doesn’t mean there is lack of focus or communication.  You grow into feeling comfortable with your class like anywhere.  If you put in the time and effort, you get good results.

I would recommend the University of Cincinnati to everyone.  It has not disappointed me on any level.  I like that I can depend on the schedule of class and how to submit the coursework.  The entire process makes me feel like a member of the class.  The professors are always available for discussion and feedback. ”

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Misty M. shares her reason for choosing UC Online’s BSW program:

“I had actually started a BSW program at a different institution prior to transferring to UC. After about three weeks in the other institution’s program, I quickly realized that their program was not equipped to serve a person like me (non-traditional student, who works full time, and already had a degree). I contacted an admission advisor at UC and felt like the UC online program was everything I needed to successfully complete my degree while working full time and raising a family. UC demonstrated unmatched competence in providing flexibility in learning for someone with my circumstances.

My expectations of the program were exceeded. I was hoping to gain knowledge of social work to prepare me for a MSW program, and I truly believe I will be successful in my future endeavors because of the UC BSW program.”

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