5 Questions to Ask Your Enrollment Services Advisor

Navigating the college enrollment process can be confusing. There are many factors to consider, from how to choose an appropriate academic degree to sorting through the application process and from understanding graduation requirements to learning what financial assistance might be available to you.

You’ll have many questions about all of these factors and more during your journey, and you’ll want to be sure you have someone to answer them as you make this important decision. That’s where enrollment services advisors can help.

What Do Enrollment Services Advisors Do?

UC Online offers enrollment services advisors with specialized knowledge about each of our degree options to help you through the decision-making process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have along the way. Our enrollment services advisors are available to help guide you and respond thoroughly to your questions. They serve as the first point of contact for potential online students at the University of Cincinnati.

Why Speak to an Enrollment Services Advisor?

It’s important that you speak with an enrollment services advisor before making decisions about applying to or attending any online program with the University of Cincinnati.

Why? Well, for starters, they know all the ins and outs of the school for which they work. They can help counsel and guide you through not only the application process, but also help steer you toward the courses, programs, and opportunities that can assist you in achieving your academic and professional goals.

You can get in touch with our ESAs over the phone by call or text, or via email, or by scheduling a virtual appointment. While any of these methods are acceptable, we believe a live conversation with your ESA over the phone or in a virtual meeting offers the most value.

5 Questions to Ask Your Enrollment Services Advisor

When you meet with your enrollment services advisor, you’re certain to have many questions about the college recruiting process and how to choose a college. There will be a point in the conversation when he or she will ask, “What questions do you have for me?”

To help you answer this, we’ve put together a list of the 5 most helpful enrollment services advisor questions. This list will help you come fully prepared with questions to ask and help you make informed decisions about the future.

1. What type of student attends UC Online?

University of Cincinnati’s online students come to us from a wide variety of backgrounds, education levels, and even countries! Our curriculum is designed to be delivered to all students effectively, regardless of their location or lifestyle.

UC Online students range from recent high school graduates interested in starting new careers to retirees looking to continue their education for personal goals. No matter who you are, we focus on providing you with the opportunities and support you need to succeed! Degree programs collect demographic data every semester if you’d like to learn more about the other students in our community.

2. Is my schedule flexible?

All UC Online courses are built around the concept of “asynchronous” learning, meaning professors and students do not need to be available simultaneously to complete their work. We understand that we have a diverse student body that needs to balance their coursework with a variety of time zones, work schedules, and personal responsibilities, so flexibility is our top priority. Your ESA will be able to give a more detailed description of how the program and individual courses are structured to be sure it fits your needs.

3. Will a UC Online degree qualify me for the next step in my career or education?

It is a common misconception that an online degree is of a lesser caliber or awarded differently than one earned while attending classes on-campus. UC Online is simply a department within University of Cincinnati, specifically focused on supporting our distance learning programs. Most importantly, almost all the professors who lead UC online courses are also educators for our on-campus programs, so online students are still receiving a high-quality education from nationally recognized faculty.

ALL of University of Cincinnati (virtual and on-campus) is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, but many of our degrees also have industry specific accreditations that are more relevant to certain students. If you’re looking to return to school in order to get qualified for a new job, earn an additional licensure, or prepare for graduate school, sharing these goals with your ESA before making a decision is the best way to ensure you’re on the right path!

4. Can you explain the tuition and fees I’ll need to budget for?

While tuition makes up the bulk of expenses for anyone attending college, there are instances when you may be asked to pay other costs or fees. These fees can vary depending on the program you choose.

There is an affordable distance-learning fee at the University of Cincinnati and a minimal non-resident fee for students who reside outside of the state of Ohio. Learn more about UC’s program fee breakdown.

Be sure to have your ESA review any costs associated with your program and discuss any scholarship or financial aid opportunities available for our students. You can read up on the basics of Financial Aid here – Understanding Financial Aid

5. What support services are offered?

While our students don’t need to travel to Cincinnati in order to attend classes, the entire UC Online team is located on UC’s main campus in Clifton, OH. This allows us to work hand in hand with program faculty, directors, and academic advisors to ensure we properly support our distance learning students. After working with an ESA during the application process, admitted students will be assigned a student success coordinator to be your primary source of support all the way to graduation.

Your enrollment services advisor will be able to walk you through the campus resources available virtually for online students, as well as any degree-specific assistance available for each program they support.

Ready to get started down the college admissions process at UC Online? Connect with an Enrollment Services Advisor to learn more and ask all of your questions today!

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