Benefits of a Technical Associate Degree

I think we can both agree that we’re all on a path of self-growth, right? Whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional growth. Sometimes we grow because of events that we can’t control; other times we are looking to expand ourselves.

There are benefits to both.

One could argue those who seek growth are more prosperous. Everyday, thousands of people work to continue their education by pursuing an associate degree. By furthering your education you’re setting yourself up to not only grow but succeed for the rest of your life.

One of the most asked questions we get from prospective students is “Is it really worth it?” The short answer is “YES! It’s absolutely worth it!” But, you may want some more reasoning behind that answer. So, I’ll be discussing the benefits of earning your associate degree compared to just having a high school diploma. I’ll also be discussing the impact it will have on your career, and the doors it can open for you.

Associate Degree vs. High School Diploma

First, let’s define what an associate degree is. An associate degree is, in most cases, a two-year degree program that focuses on a wide variety of areas of education. Most associate degree programs require 60 credits to complete and many programs are offered online.

Associate Degree

In addition, Associate degrees are a great option for most people. Whether you’re just leaving high school, getting back into the workforce, or just want to advance your education. These programs offer a flexible schedule and most can be completed online.

In today’s job market, a high school diploma can only take you so far. Unfortunately, it doesn’t qualify you for a specific skill or trade. Because of this, the job market becomes much smaller and the room for professional growth shrinks, and it gets very hard to be promoted. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly income for those who only have a diploma is $37,024 a year. Those with an associate degree, on average, make almost 20% more a year!

Professional Impact

Let’s say you take the first step and decide you want to go back to school and get your associate degree, how will it impact your future? What are the benefits of an Associate Degree?

First, an associate’s degree, such as our Applied Business in Accounting program, will provide you with more career opportunities. Whether you’re looking to go back into the workforce, or if you’re ready to have a high paying job within two years, or you just want to move up in your current field, an associate degree will most likely be a requirement for most careers.


Associate Degrees also offer the ability to choose from a variety of professional fields. Specifically, the University of Cincinnati Online offers several online associate programs like accounting, business applications technology, and supply chain management, just to name a few. All three of these degrees offer you the ability to work in almost any industry!

Lastly, once you finish your Associate Degree, you have the ability to jump right into a bachelor completion program.

How to Learn More

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably interested in furthering your education. So, I’ll be the first to say “Congratulations! Way to take the first step!”  The University of Cincinnati offers some of the countries most affordable associate degrees, 100% online. Our programs provide you with the flexibility to balance work and family obligations while completing your degree, while also offering a self-paced learning schedule where you can access the materials at the times that work best for you.

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