5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Online MEd in Curriculum & Instruction

Obtaining an Online Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction is very rewarding and can help you advance your career. Before you enroll in classes, be sure to consider these five things.

1. Time

Going back to school requires a chunk of your personal time. Sit down and map out the best days and times to commit to your studies. Once you establish a schedule for your personal studies, stick to it! Committing to an allotted amount of time for your education can help you set boundaries and feel more secure about your other personal commitments.

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2. Environment

While you’re figuring out the best time to work on your studies, also consider where you see yourself completing coursework. Think about where you can focus best – whether it’s a coffee shop or your kitchen table. However, if you can, try to separate it from other daily activities in your life, such as where you grade papers, watch television, or your bedroom. Having a dedicated space will help you stay focused on completing your coursework.

3. Tuition

Before starting your master’s program, plan on how you will be paying towards your tuition. There are several scholarships for educators that may be applicable for your specific situation. Also, school corporations often compensate and help educators working towards their higher education degree. Check with your administration team to see if they offer compensation for continuing your education.

4. Electronics

As you’re probably already aware, UC Online offers 100% online classes for the Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction. Before enrolling in classes, ensure your laptop or desktop computer is reliable for coursework. Additionally, check that your internet has a strong connection. Ensuring you have a reliable computer and internet connection will relieve you the stress down the road from one of these things failing.

5. Reward Yourself

Working towards your Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction is hard work. Take time to reward yourself for the effort and dedication you are putting towards furthering your career!

In fact, did you know that having downtime can actually make you a better student?

That’s right! Various studies have shown that mental breaks can increase productivity, boost attention spans and increase brain cognition.

Next Steps

Obtaining your Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction 100% online with the University of Cincinnati will help you advance your career and make a difference to your students in the classroom. Considering these 5 steps will help you succeed and avoid unnecessary stress while completing your degree.

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