Busy Mom of Three’s Passion for Social Work Becomes Reality through Online Degree

Managing a household of five during the pandemic has been challenging for wife and mother Megan Markwich. Yet, she amazingly added “University of Cincinnati Graduate” to her resume during this time.

Megan’s last school experience dates back to fifteen years ago when she graduated high school. Education has changed greatly since then, and so has Megan’s life. Earning her Bachelor of Social Work degree through UC’s program means a lot to her, and she’s proud of what she accomplished.

Combining “Mom Life” With Online Education

While adopting their three children, Megan and her husband became part of the child welfare system. “For years, I wanted to get a college degree but didn’t have the support. It was with my husband’s encouragement and from our involvement in the adoption process that I found my calling in social work,” she says.

Megan chose UC because it was the only university to match her transfer credits closely and the only reputable school she found with an online bachelor’s program. “I had heard from many social workers that UC was one of the top social work programs in the nation,” she says. “And online was my only option since we had adopted three children under age five, all with very challenging needs.”

Megan had concerns about maintaining her combined role as a wife, mother, and student. She had two of her three children at home when she signed up for the program. Then, COVID sent the other child back home. She says, “I was very concerned about managing my kids while doing the required video recordings in some classes. However, I had the most supportive professors. They completely understood my children might occasionally join the class.”

Megan initially felt online learning could be isolating compared to campus learning. “I was starting this program at the beginning of the pandemic where it made things even more isolating. Surprisingly, I connected with two students during my first semester in a group social work class, and we remain friends,” she says.

Megan’s Advice If You’re Considering UC Online

Megan says if you’re looking for an affordable and accommodating program with courses designed for success and helpful faculty members and advisors, UC Online is for you. “UC has the most supportive professors out of any college I attended during my journey. I would recommend this university’s BSW program to anyone,” she says.

Megan adds that going into the program, she hoped for a challenging but fun experience in a supportive system. We’re pleased to know Megan says all her expectations for the program were met and that we can count her as another happy graduate of UC Online.

Megan’s Plans for the Future

In her last year with UC, Megan’s hands-on field work resulted in her being asked to stay on with the company. “I’m taking a position this fall,” she says.

Megan will start her master’s in the social work program and her Board-Certified Behavior Analyst certification. She eventually plans to work as a behavioral specialist with children in the dependency system.

Megan feels more than ready for her bright future. She offers sincere kudos for the program, saying, “I feel overly prepared to work as a generalist social worker with my degree from UC. It’s a direct reflection of the program and professors.”

Imagine Your Future at UC

Ready to discover how UC Online’s Bachelor of Social Work program can reshape your future, positioning you for a rewarding role as a social worker?

Connect with an advisor today by calling (833) 347-5495 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or requesting information online.

Our instructors and staff look forward to meeting you. Here’s to your bright future in social work!


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