Count On A Career In Accounting

Much more than the stereotypical bean counter, a career in accounting is a highly regarded profession – full of problem-solving, job security, and opportunities for advancement. Best of all, it’s part of every business and industry.

Interested in learning more? Here’ we break down the the hottest accounting careers out there:

  • accountingBookkeepers record, manage and monitor purchases and transactions
  • Accounting Assistants prepare financial records, handle cash and perform office administration duties
  • Payroll Clerks process employee paychecks and benefits. Additionally, they perform data entry and manage timecards.
  • Accounting Technicians prepare monthly bank reconciliations, record revenues, investments, and debts. Customer billing can also be part of the job.
  • Accounting Associates provide assistance, such as bookkeeping, clerical duties and more, to top-level accountants
  • Auditing Clerks record financial transactions, update statements, and ensure financial records are accurate
  • Accounts Receivable Administrators post customer payments by recording cash, checks, and credit card transactions
  • Accounts Payable Administrators complete payments and control expenses by receiving payments, plus processing, verifying and reconciling invoices
  • Tax Preparers calculate, file and sign income tax returns. They can also represent the taxpayer during IRS audits of tax returns.

Some people with an associate’s in accounting choose to further their studies by pursuing a more advanced degree, such as a bachelor’s degree or higher. With an advanced degree, you can pursue a career as a Financial Analyst, Actuary, Environmental Accountant, Cost Estimator or Corporate Controller.

The next step? Get your degree!


The University of Cincinnati Online has made it more accessible to earn the accountancy degree you need. The Associate of Applied Business in Accounting program is a fully online, two-year associate degree program that prepares students for a career as a professional in the field of accounting after graduation.

This program also provides students with the flexibility to balance work and family obligations while completing their degree. The program also offers students a self-paced learning schedule where students can access the materials at the times that work best for them.

This degree is a perfect choice for students who:

  • Want a professional career in a high demand job market
  • Want a degree that will allow them to enter the workforce quickly and have the potential for career advancement
  • Are working professionals, who want to change careers or advance in an existing career
  • Want the option to continue their studies (without losing credits) in the online Bachelors of Technical Applied Studies (BTAS) program
  • Are detailed orientated and like working with numbers and money
  • Are comfortable with basic mathematics—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (advance math is not required in this field)
  • Want to earn a degree from a prestigious, public, nationally respected university
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