Faculty Spotlight: Karen Lankisch, Program Director of Healthcare Management

Since 1998, Karen Lankisch, a Professor of Health Information System, Director of the Center for Teaching/Learning and Innovation, and Program Director/Professor of Health Information Systems at University of Cincinnati (UC), has been inspiring and instructing students in the business side of the healthcare industry.

We recently spoke with Karen to get her thoughts on working at UC and her connection to the Associate of Applied Business in Healthcare Management Technology degree, a fully online program that students can complete in two years.

Generally, who enrolls in the Associate Healthcare Management program?

The students in the program come from different backgrounds and different areas of the United States. Some students have some experience in healthcare but want to move into a management position or a different area within healthcare. Other students do not have experience in healthcare but have other management experience that they would like to use in healthcare.

How can an associate degree further someone’s career in healthcare management?

Students that achieve an associate degree in this area provides evidence that they have the entry-level skills and knowledge to apply to the area of healthcare management. There are many different levels of healthcare management, and the program provides entry-level knowledge.

What are some of the classes in the program that are relevant or enjoyable?
  • Healthcare Quality, Statistics, and Research – provides the opportunity for the learner to explore aspects that impact the quality of healthcare. This course also provides the analysis of healthcare statistics to make recommendations and decisions. Learners then get to research a current topic of healthcare.
  • Healthcare Applications – provides the learner with a hands-on experience with spreadsheets, databases and an entry-level HER.
  • Healthcare Compliance – this course introduces the complex information of compliance. There are many aspects of compliance that a person seeking a position in healthcare management should know.
What would you say makes UC Online’s program stand out?

The caring and knowledgeable faculty. The flexibility of the program, 7-week format, and the ability to further their education upon completion of their associate degree with the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies in Healthcare Leadership which is ideal for students and working adults who want to move into supervisory, education, or administrative positions within the healthcare industry.

Do you have any hobbies or special interests that you’d like to share with UC Online blog readers?

My hobbies include my Peloton and earning badges!  I wake up every day at 5 a.m. and ride my Peloton bike and take a yoga class. I also play golf and love spending time with my four children and two, soon to be three grandchildren.

Why was the Associate Healthcare Management program created?

The program was created to provide learners with a broad entry-level degree in healthcare management. We offer the health information systems technology program, but it is very specific to an area of healthcare and some students want a broader degree.

What type of student will succeed in the Associate Healthcare Management program?

Anyone with an interest in healthcare management.  The program provides the foundational skills necessary for the entry-level position. Students with some knowledge of healthcare or those without any knowledge of healthcare can succeed in this program.

What are some of the things you enjoy about working at UC?

I enjoy the students. I have been fortunate to meet students from all over the United States and I still stay in contact with some of my first students. I also enjoy working with my colleagues from my college and within the broader university community.

Is there anything else you would like to include about the program?

Earning the Physician Practice Management certification provides validation that you have acquired the foundation skills and knowledge.

Any parting thoughts for someone interested in UC and the online Healthcare Management associate degree program?

This is a great place to start to get the foundation skills for managing various areas of healthcare.

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