Master’s in Information Systems — Is it Right for Me?

Companies want to hire people with specific skills that align with the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Gone are the days of technology generalists — it’s all about specialization today.

If you’re a technology professional (or hope to become one), an information systems master’s degree will equip you with a specialist’s knowledge to meet employers’ demands and position you as highly desirable in a robust, competitive job market.

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program from the University of Cincinnati (UC) helps you develop a comprehensive skill set that’s in demand. The 100% online program from the renowned Carl H. Lindner College of Business enables you to study when and wherever you want. You can balance your UC studies with work, home, and other aspects of your life.

Reasons an MSIS Degree Can Benefit You

UC’s MSIS students get to explore emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and learn to identify how to apply these technologies to real-world business problems.

The 36-44 credit program, which is ideal for a part-time study schedule, provides you with in-depth knowledge of critical IS areas, including:

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Database design and modeling
  • Project management
  • Web development

You also learn to gather, analyze, and interpret data to support informed business decision-making processes. (See the full MSIS curriculum.)

Information systems play a critical role in aligning technology with business objectives. With an MSIS degree, you can bridge the gap between business and technology by understanding how technology solutions can drive innovation, improve processes, and create value for organizations. This knowledge can make you an asset in managerial or leadership roles where you make strategic decisions that integrate business goals with technological advancements.

The IS field constantly evolves, with new technologies, frameworks, and best practices emerging every day. By pursuing an information systems degree, you demonstrate a commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field. This gives you a competitive edge and helps you stay relevant in the dynamic information technology and systems field.

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UC’s online MSIS program equips you with leadership skills to bridge technology, people, and processes.
Why an Online Master’s in Information Systems is for You

The Lindner College of Business designed UC’s top 15-ranked MSIS program for working professionals who juggle multiple commitments. The asynchronous courses and fully online format are flexible and customizable. You access study materials and course lectures from our top-tier faculty any time of day.

At UC, you’re never alone in your MSIS studies — unless you want to be. You interact regularly with our supportive instructors and staff, including a Student Success Coordinator. (They’re a key point of contact throughout your master’s program studies.) Plus, our program provides you with endless networking opportunities. You connect with like-minded students across the nation via discussion forums and collaborative group projects. You build a network that benefits you while you’re in UC’s program and after you graduate.

New to the Information Systems Field?

Some of our MSIS students join the program with no background in information systems, and we welcome them. If you’re in a different field and plan to move into an IS career, this specialized master’s degree is a great indoctrination. The foundational courses will bridge knowledge gaps and help you develop a solid understanding of information systems.

Getting your master’s degree should be personally fulfilling and intellectually stimulating. You can count on UC’s program to challenge you to deepen your understanding of key concepts and relevant technologies. What you study enhances your critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills — all highly valuable for career advancement, management and leadership roles, or life as consulting running your own business.

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Wondering if an MSIS degree positions you for a management role? Explore this article.
Why You Should Consider an MSIS Degree

Companies across various industries want to be data-driven. They want to understand their stored information to be more competitive, offer better products and services and grow their revenues. But with the abundance of available data, companies need people who can extract insights and derive actionable recommendations from complex data sets. Companies need competent information systems professionals to effectively leverage technologies to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and solve business challenges.

With so many companies clamoring for smart, data-savvy people, salaries and the number of open IS jobs are growing. For example, a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report stated computer and information systems managers’ median pay was $159,010. The BLS forecasted a 16% growth between 2021-2031, with an anticipated 82,400 new industry-related jobs. The expected double-digit growth underscores the need for skilled professionals who can effectively manage and leverage IS.

Earning your master’s in information system degree can give you a competitive edge and position you for management and other high-paying opportunities. (Explore employment outlook for MSIS grads.)

Next Steps to Earning Your MSIS

Our online MSIS degree equips you with versatile skills you can use wherever you work today — or in your next job. Whether you’re interested in finance, healthcare, retail, or another business sector, understanding and leveraging information systems effectively is invaluable. An MSIS degree opens doors to diverse career paths and domains based on your interests and preferences. And when you pursue your MSIS at UC, you gain specialized knowledge in critical areas, allowing you to become an expert in a specific field within the broader IS realm.

Are you ready to chart your course in information systems? Send us a message or call (833) 347-5495. UC’s representatives are here to answer your questions about the master’s program. They will explain upcoming start dates and tuition and financial aid, and tell you about our commitment to military-affiliated students if you’re a service member.

MSIS program director Robert Rokey and our team look forward to meeting you!

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