Explore Your Path to a Career in Public Health

Are you eager to contribute to the well-being of communities, safeguarding them from public health threats like COVID-19, all while improving the general health of individuals? If the answer is yes, a public health degree can be your gateway to initiating change and leaving a lasting impact on countless lives, spanning generations.

At the University of Cincinnati Online, your journey into the realm of public health begins with our 100% online Associate of Science in Public Health degree and seamlessly transitions into our Bachelor of Science in Public Health program, all without setting foot on campus.

What Is Public Health?

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A public health degree equips you to combat disease, extend lifespans, and foster the well-being of individuals and communities in a non-clinical setting. It achieves this through structured endeavors in education, policy development, scientific research, and health system regulation, presenting a multitude of opportunities within the public health sector.

Public Health Careers: The Possibilities

If you’re in the exploratory phase of your education, you may be wondering about the scope of opportunities awaiting those with a public health degree. This versatile field primarily focuses on averting and mitigating health risks for the general population but extends into specialized concentrations and targeted population groups.

A degree in public health opens doors to opportunities in healthcare organizations, educational institutions, community service organizations, government roles, and more. Public health careers can be broadly categorized into three areas:

1. Research Careers: Uncovering the Whys

Research careers involve studying health data to find out why health problems happen. Researchers collect and analyze information to figure out the causes of health issues and to create strategies to solve them. Depending on the level of research job, salaries in this category range from $45,000 – $82,000.

  • Biostatistician
  • Vaccine researcher
  • Environmental health specialist
  • Data analyst

2. Policy and Administration Careers: Effecting Change

Policy and administration careers focus on creating and enforcing health rules and programs. People in these roles work with governments and organizations to develop and manage policies that help improve public health. Salaries in this category range from $58,000 – $68,000.

  • Health policy analyst
  • Emergency response specialist
  • Disaster preparedness coordinator
  • Public policy specialist

3. Public Health Community Wellness Careers: Working with People

Community wellness careers involve working directly with individuals and communities to promote health. People in these roles educate, support, and encourage healthy habits in communities to prevent diseases and improve overall well-being. Depending on the job, salaries in this category range from $60,000 – $80,000, with the highest salaries reaching over $120,000.

  • Health educator
  • Health communication specialist
  • Infectious disease specialist
  • Director of family health services

Earning Your Associate Degree in Public Health

The two-year associate degree in public health from the University of Cincinnati Online is your pathway to a rewarding career in health promotion, education, and disease prevention. With this degree, you’ll learn the skills needed to make a real impact on the health of the communities you care about — from improving healthcare access, and tackling substance abuse to managing infectious diseases, and addressing environmental concerns.

This associate degree offers flexibility through online learning, enabling you to embark on your public health journey in just two years. But the journey doesn’t have to stop there. UC Online offers a seamless transition to our Bachelor of Science in Public Health program, giving you the opportunity to further your education and expand your career prospects.

Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health

Your journey to your dream career may begin with our associate degree and lead you to UC Online’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Our classes are asynchronous, allowing you to continue working while expanding your expertise. You’ll learn from the same professors you encountered in the associate degree program, using a consistent format, ensuring a smooth transition.

Upon completion of our program, you’ll be eligible to sit for the national certification exam to become a certified health education specialist (CHES), and even take your career further with our on-campus master’s program.

Taking Your Journey Further

Once you’ve earned your Bachelor of Science in Public Health, you have the option to expand your horizons further with a Master of Public Health offered by the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Prepare for an exciting future in public health with specialization in areas such as:

  1. Biostatistics: Utilizing tailored statistical methodologies to analyze data, identify causes of illness, and evaluate health trends.
  2. Environmental Public Health: Addressing environmental and occupational exposures causing adverse health effects.
  3. Epidemiology: Investigating disease origins and treatment to reduce public health risks.
  4. Global Health: Focusing on international health care and equity improvement.
  5. Health Education & Health Promotion: Promoting health through education-driven behavior change.
  6. Health Services Management: Examining health care systems, quality, demand, financial management, reform, law, and policy analysis.
  7. Occupational Public Health: Preventing work-related illnesses and injuries.

Why Choose University of Cincinnati Online for Your Public Health Degree?

UC Online ranks among the top 15 Best Online Bachelor’s in Public Health programs for 2023, according to Best Health Degrees. We offer 100% fully online public health degrees with flexible full-time or part-time scheduling, enabling you to balance your life seamlessly. Plus you’ll have the chance to apply what you’ve learned and gain real-world experience with a senior year internship!

Let UC Online be your guide on the path to a rewarding career in public health. Connect with an advisor today to begin your journey toward making a meaningful impact.

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