Is a Public Health Degree Worth Your Time and Money?

With the complex health challenges in the world today, like the COVID-19 pandemic, the field of public health is more critical now than ever before. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that there is currently high demand for new public health infrastructure, including new jobs which it is trying to fill with qualified professionals. A degree in public health is crucial for meeting the qualifications necessary to have a lasting impact on the health of entire communities.

The University of Cincinnati has two public health programs available for students to complete entirely online. The Associate of Science in Public Health and Bachelor of Science in Public Health are crucial for making a lasting impact on the health of entire communities.

What Does “Public Health” Mean?

Public health refers to the science of preventing diseases and prolonging life through organized efforts and informed choices in society. Public health professionals tackle a variety of issues such as infectious disease prevention and control, reducing environmental hazards, improving access to healthcare, and developing health policies to implement.

These professionals use the public health approach to focus on applying these practices to a population instead of individuals. This helps create holistic solutions for broad problems with an emphasis on justice and equity. This means that everyone in a community will be able to exercise their right to be healthy by having the knowledge and access to healthcare needed to make healthy choices.

Is a Public Health Degree Right for You?

There are a lot of benefits that come with declaring a public health major for your undergraduate degree. If you are passionate about health and safety but are interested in applying these to a wider population rather than individuals, then a public health program is a great choice for you!

Every student’s career goals are different, and it’s important to choose a degree that aligns with your goals as much as possible. Public health degree holders have a lot of upward mobility potential in the workforce. If you are interested in starting at an entry level position sooner, an Associate’s in Public Health will prepare you to fill one of these positions in as little as 2 years. Upon completing your associate’s, you’d also qualify for the Bachelor’s in Public Health which will open even more doors!

The University of Cincinnati Online is determined to make the college experience manageable for any situation. Our fully online curriculum and asynchronous class structure means that you’ll be able to continue working while going to school if necessary and balance work and school while completing your degree.

What Can You Do With a Public Health Degree?

Harley Dawson, BS in Public Health Graduate
UC Online BS in Public Health graduate Harley Dawson

A public health degree opens doors to a variety of organizations of all different sizes. These can range from local non-profit organizations to larger companies as well as state and national government institutions.

The public health field offers a wide range of jobs that appeal to many different areas of interest common in public health. These include health educators, health communication specialists, infectious disease experts, disaster preparedness coordinators, and data analysts.

These positions require using the public health approach and make a positive impact on an entire community possible. Public health workers are typically hands-on and as a result, those in the field can see their positive impact every day.

What is the Return on Investment for a Public Health Degree?

In addition to the impact that workers in public health see on a regular basis at their jobs, the public health field is incredibly viable thanks to the high demand for new qualified professionals. These jobs are known for:

  • Versatility – Many of these job responsibilities vary and present unique challenges.
  • Opportunities for Growth – Public health experience can be easily applied to other positions with more responsibility
  • Job Security – These roles are nearly always in demand as they can be crucial for the health in the wider community

There are plenty of career opportunities in Public Health to increase your earning potential. Some of the most popular examples of employment include:

  • Community Health Workers – Median Wage: $46,190
  • Social Science Research Assistants – Median Wage: $50,470
  • Wellness Managers – Median Wage: $56,090
  • Health Education Specialists – Median Wage: $59,990
  • Fundraisers – Median Wage: $61,190
  • Social and Community Service Managers – Median Wage: $74,240
  • Medical and Health Services Managers – Median Wage: $104,830
  • Fundraising Managers – Median Wage: $107,390*

With more opportunities like this available across the workforce, those seeking a return on their investment in their public health degree don’t have to worry.

Why a Public Health Degree from UC Online?

The University of Cincinnati Online is focused on helping students succeed whether they’re in the workforce already or starting college for the first time. UC Online degree programs offer:

  1. Flexibility – Asynchronous class schedules mean students can finish assignments when they want without visiting campus
  2. Quality Education – The Bachelor’s in Public Health is currently ranked among the 15 best online public health degrees in the nation by Best Health Degrees 
  3. Application to Graduation Support – Our dedicated Enrollment Services Advisors and Student Success Coordinators are always available to assist in any part of the college process.
  4. Multiple Start Dates – Students can begin during the spring, summer, or fall semesters without worrying about missing any crucial information.
  5. Financial Aid Options – Nearly all students are eligible for some form of financial assistance if needed – UC is focused on making a quality education as affordable as possible.
  6. Real-World Experience – The final semester of the bachelor’s program features a public health internship where students can get hands-on experience while finishing their degree

The University of Cincinnati is also proud to support to international students seeking their degree and has developed a process to make their journey toward enrollment as simple as possible. Those with military affiliation (active duty, veteran, or dependent status) also have access to our acclaimed military support network.

Enroll with UC Online and Start Making Your Impact

If you seek a career path that makes a positive impact on entire communities, then a public health degree is right for you! The market for public health professionals is incredibly viable and lucrative with the health issues impacting the world today. If all these things align with your goals, a career in public health is worth your time, money, and effort.

Apply today to UC Online if you’re ready to start your education journey. If you have questions about applying to UC Online’s public health programs, contact our Enrollment Services Advisors. You can also reach the team by phone at (833) 556-8611 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

All salary data is sourced from the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.

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