Helping People is a Dream for This Online Bachelor Social Work Student

Kristina Lefever spent many years building her connections in a local theater community. It’s where she realized how much she enjoyed human interaction. Kristina believed she could easily transfer her people skills to a career in helping others through social work. While researching information on the National Association of Social Workers’ website, she found the University of Cincinnati (UC) online Bachelor of Social Work program to be recommended.

As a full-time legal secretary at Wachtell, Lipton, Rose & Katz in New York, Kristina knew relocating to Cincinnati to attend college was out of the question. “I knew from attending my prior university that it’s difficult to work and travel to in-person classes,” she says.

Kristina chose the UC Online program as a way to balance going to college with her busy work schedule. “I thought I would try it and was pleased to know UC accepted many of my credits and that I could complete my degree entirely online,” she says.

Ease of Learning Social Work Curriculum Online

Without hesitation, Kristina enrolled in UC’s social work bachelor’s program and jumped right into the online coursework. Kristina shares that she’s genuinely interested in the material and is happy with how the online learning process works. “My professors are professional and enthusiastic,” she says.

Kristina follows the syllabus closely because, each week, there are deadlines. By relying on the easy-to-access, recommended class schedule, Kristina knows when and where to submit her completed schoolwork. Staying organized and purposeful help, too.

Throughout her UC experience, Kristina has felt like an engaged member of the program. “The work is challenging, and there’s always something to do, like homework and reading,” she says. “But the professors are available for discussion and feedback. Overall, it’s been a great experience.”

Kristina emphasizes that learning online doesn’t mean waiting until the last minute to do the work or not showing up to participate. She says online classes can be as challenging as in-person education, so participation is key. “If you put in the time and effort, you’ll grow comfortable with your classes and get good results,” she says.

Kristina’s Advice and Plans for the Future

Kristina recommends UC Online’s social work bachelor’s program to any industry professional considering returning to school, saying, “Do it! You’ll be surprised and delighted by how challenging the program can be. It’s not disappointed me on any level.”

As to what comes next for Kristina and her social work career, she looks forward to the future and an eventual relocation outside New York. “I plan to use my degree to help others. I want to conduct group work because it’s very successful in helping people achieve personal growth,” she says.

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