Impassioned Social Worker with a Story to Tell

Isabella White, owner of Love and Grow Education Services, LLC, understands what it means to be a high-risk child. She considered herself one who found a way out of the situation through adoption. Those early experiences left an impression on her, and Isabella vowed to step into the social work field and make positive changes.

Isabella’s career interests motivated her to enroll in University of Cincinnati (UC) Online’s Bachelor of Social Work program. “I was a child in foster care and adopted. So, I have my own story to share,” she says. “I feel like I can make a difference as there are many things I would like to change about the system.”

Choosing UC Online to further Isabella’s education was a natural choice as she is a UC alum. “I had completed my degree in education at UC and wanted to return. I had a positive experience with all my professors and other support staff,” she says.

Why She Chose an Online Social Work Bachelor’s Degree

Running her business was a top priority for Isabelle, so getting another on-campus degree wasn’t the best option. She explains it this way: “When I started, I ran a before-and-after-school program for the YMCA. I was always on the go.”

Isabella wanted professors to understand her need for flexibility and knew an online program was best for her. “This program had what I was looking for,” she says. “My expectations were high, so I prepared for a professional program with staff who were supportive. And that’s exactly what I got.”

At first, Isabella was hesitant to enroll. Her main concern was if she would adapt to a new field. “I’ve only worked in education. It’s been a learning experience, but it’s been a great one,” she says.

Isabella highly recommends virtual learning through UC Online. She says, “Take that leap of faith. This program has the right support, and your peers are amazing. You’ll receive thorough feedback and help if you don’t understand something.”

Part of a Rich Community

Isabella loves the online learning experience, the growth she experienced during her time at UC and the sense of community she found. “I learned about students who also experienced foster care,” she says. “It’s amazing to see others on the same path.”

For Isabella, understanding an individual’s mental health is critical for someone who is focused on social work. That’s why she appreciates the online social work curriculum, covering mental health.

As she reflects on her experience, Isabella praises UC Online, saying she recommends it to others. “UC’s professors and teachers truly care. They are always open-minded and ready to talk through subjects.”

Future Looks Bright for Isabella

What does Isabella plan to do with her bachelor’s degree in social work? Her dreams are big and inspiring; she wants to change the outlook of the system. “I plan on changing the world!” Isabella says.

Our UC Online staff is excited to see what Isabella does next with her promising career. If you’re ready to grow your expertise in the social work field, explore everything UC Online’s Bachelor of Social Work program has to offer. Or call or email our enrollment specialist team today to take the next important step in your career!

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