Substance Abuse Counselor Picks Online Social Work Bachelor’s Program to Enhance Client Care

Jordan Bryant Newsome’s calling in life is to give a voice to those who lost their own due to addiction and mental health issues. When working with clients as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor II for Sunrise Treatment Center, Jordan identifies many are suffering from substance abuse and can no longer advocate for themselves.

Whether her client is a person in treatment or a child an adult left behind, Jordan wants to help people who struggle and their family members. As a result, she’s determined to get a bachelor’s degree in social work to give her the additional tools the field requires.

“I was motivated to obtain my social work bachelor’s after working in substance use. I chose the University of Cincinnati’s online bachelor’s degree to ensure I’m giving my clients the utmost care they could receive,” Jordan says.

Another reason for Jordan choosing the University of Cincinnati (UC): UC comes highly recommended by colleagues who completed their degrees here.

Work and Life Experiences Drive Passion for Social Work

Jordan explains why she chose the social work field, citing a mentor’s influence and her desire to make a meaningful difference at work. “It’s my passion and calling,” she says. Jordan wants to motivate and cognitively challenge her clients to recover. “The disease of addiction is not curable,” Jordan says. “And mental health does not just ‘go away.’ So, I plan to fight the battle for any client who requires assistance on life’s front line.”

It’s a battle Jordan is all too familiar with. She’s been in recovery for over four years and understands addiction is related to impulse issues, bad decision-making and a lack of understanding due to trauma. Jordan wants to change the stigma connected to substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health by educating those that may not have any personal connections to such diseases.

UC Online Program Exceeds Expectations

When asked to think back on her decision-making process, Jordan recalls no hesitation about choosing UC but does remember having high expectations for the program. She’s thrilled those expectations were met. “My mind’s been truly blown at the amazing studies and approaches the social work bachelor’s program showed me! I love it and how it fits my busy, 40-hour workweek and life as a mother to an amazing young man,” Jordan says.

Jordan advises others who choose this UC Online program to keep focused on their end goal. “Never give up. And focus only on the tasks at hand,” she says. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew — and ask your advisor questions about upcoming classes to ensure you don’t end up with several challenging courses in the same term.”

Jordan’s Call to Action for Her Social Work Peers

Jordan’s online education experience has been so positive that she’s already recommended the program to two friends who enrolled in the fall semester. (“I just love UC,” she says.) Jordan looks forward to growing even more from her social work bachelor’s studies, saying, “Mental health is essential. I plan on transitioning and beginning to build a robust platform for individuals seeking assistance with either SUD or mental health.”

Jordan’s dream is to open a recovery housing program to provide clinical services to individuals living in the home. Specifically, she’s interested in advocating for people living in low-income neighborhoods and focusing on how substance use and mental health often connect to criminal behavior.

Take the Next Step Today

If you’re considering UC Online’s Bachelor of Social Work program and wondering how it’ll mesh with your work and personal demands, make a note of Jordan’s sage advice about taking care of your own mental health: “It’s okay to acknowledge if you’re feeling overwhelmed,” she says. “Just sit back, breathe and create a plan of action to assist your mental health and goal to complete this degree.”

Ready to discover how UC’s online bachelor’s degree can be a rewarding way to grow your industry expertise and confidence as an experience social worker? Call or email an enrollment specialist today. They’re here to answer any question you have about the program.

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