Inspiring and Training Tomorrow’s Leaders is a Natural Fit for UC Online’s Dr. Owens

Dr. C. Shaun Owens brings a deep and diverse outlook to his responsibilities in the University of Cincinnati (UC) Online’s popular Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership program. A rich history of mentoring in business, educating others, and coaching sports define his career as a leader. He inspires our students and everyone he interacts with.

Encouraging students to take the lead at work and in life comes naturally to Shaun, and it’s a skill he urges others to acquire and embrace. “Leaders inspire people to bring their best selves to work each day. A leader can rally the troops, motivate, and inspire. I help instill confidence in our students and teach them how to lead successful teams,” he says.

How It All Started For Dr. Owens

Shaun’s career began when he was a financial management analyst in the Army. He then worked in the private sector in business development while always maintaining his love of coaching for area high schools and local universities. In 2015, Shaun focused his efforts on academia by being a university’s Academic Advisor and Defensive Secondary Coach. He continued as an adjunct professor for many years and, later, held roles that included being the lead instructor of business administration and director of organizational leadership and learning.

After he arrived at UC, Shaun helped round out the online organizational leadership bachelor’s degree curriculum, developing two new courses, Organizational Leadership and the Law and Leading the Diverse Workplace.

The Importance Of Great Curriculum

Organizational Leadership and the Law focus on the legal framework for employer-employee relations. It includes legislation and court decisions governing discrimination in hiring, advancement and termination, sexual harassment, affirmative action, wrongful discharge, breach of employment contracts, and other aspects of Human Resource Management.

Shaun cites the timeliness of the Diverse Workplace course, saying today’s leaders can feel particularly challenged to direct an intercultural workforce with varied backgrounds. “Each person is unique with their own set of circumstances,” he says. “When leaders understand and empathize with everyone in the workplace, it helps bring out the best in teams and departments and models a standard for others.”.

“Students in our online organizational leadership program learn what it means to be a great leader who brings out the best in people.”
– Dr. C. Shaun Owens

Great Leaders Know How to Build Effective Teams

The value of a strong, unified team is something Shaun is enthusiastic about. When we asked him how to take a group of diverse people at work and turn them into a high-functioning team, he said:

“It comes down to appreciating each person’s value over and above the actual processes and work they do. Also, there are unique differences between leading and just managing. Management often values processes more than people — then if the processes work, people are replaceable. But leaders put people first, cultivating the right team so processes will be successful. And students in our Organizational Leadership program learn what it means to be a great leader who brings out the best in people and values what’s most important.”

Maintaining a unified team isn’t easy, and Shaun admits leadership can get messy. “We’re dealing with emotional intelligence, empathy, and team cohesion. At UC Online, our students cover resolving conflict in our Mediation and Conflict Resolution course — from labor negotiations to employee grievances and more. Because when you work with people, the conflict’s inevitable,” he says.

Leader walking with staff

Organizational leadership skills and expertise are in high demand today. Here’s why.

Ideal Candidates for UC Online’s Organizational Leadership Degree

Shaun encourages those looking to advance their career or eyeing an executive role to strongly consider UC Online’s program. “If you made it into an industry without a degree and want to move up, our organizational leadership degree can help you achieve your goals,” he says.

The program’s inherent flexibility makes it well-suited for working professionals with busy work and family lives. It’s thoughtfully designed so students can easily incorporate their existing areas of expertise into their studies while targeting coveted new skills most essential to real-world leading.

Though students in this program come from diverse backgrounds, they share some commonalities. Many want to be better positioned to lead people, projects, and initiatives at work. Some have a goal of working in a key role at a community group or nonprofit. Other leaders-in-the-making haven’t decided where they’ll work, but they believe leadership is their calling. All care about getting a quality education for the time and money they put into their bachelor’s degree. “We get adults with some college experience who want to complete their degree at a top-tier, recognized institution,” he says. “They know of UC Online’s great reputation and affordability and believe it’s a smart choice.”

Dr. Shaun Owens

“Students don’t have to go it alone here … we’re all here to help them succeed.”
– Dr. C. Shaun Owens

Student Support, an Essential Part of This Program

When a student chooses UC Online, they get personalized start-to-graduation support and are paired with a dedicated student success team who supports and assists them. Shaun regularly reminds prospective students there’s no shortage of people to help them get from start to finish, saying:

“You don’t have to go it alone here. I encourage you to build relationships with your academic advisor and professors. We’re all here to help you succeed. If you need extra assistance due to a disability or a particular need, we’ll provide you with the right resources. I never want you to leave opportunities on the table because you don’t take advantage of the excellent support we offer!”

The Student Success Coordinator (SSC) is another person on a student’s support team. Our commitment to a great educational experience is closely aligned with the SSC’s role. They’re dedicated to each student in our online degree program and are responsible for a thriving relationship that begins almost on day one. (You can read about one coordinator, Mallery Schulkers, here.)

Level Up With a Leadership Degree

We enjoyed our time with Shaun, hearing about his life’s work and dedication to nurturing thoughtful and skilled organizational leaders. If you’re ready to take the next step in your leadership journey by learning more about our Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership program, why not get in touch with UC Online today? Email an Enrollment Services Advisor and ask them any questions or concerns you have. They can explain more about the student experience and talk with you about semester start dates, tuition assistance, and more.

UC Online will help you reach your leadership-focused career goals with a flexible program, available 100% online and open to students in and out of the United States.

Are you ready to advance your career with specialized training to be an influential leader in your organization? Connect with an advisor today!

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