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MBA rankings and news publisher Poets & Quants has announced the University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business online Master of Business Administration is No. 26 in the country for 2020.

This new ranking is the latest in a long history of high-profile accolades and academic excellence at the Lindner College of Business, including the No. 1 online MBA in Ohio by U.S. News and World Report in 2020. Our students, faculty and alumni know our secret to success, but now the new ranking is out, the world knows it too.

Here are some areas where program ranked best and why:


In the alumni poll conducted by Poets & Quants, University of Cincinnati ranked No. 1 for satisfaction with flexibility of the program.

Our online MBA program accommodates a wide range of students, from our hustlers who complete the program in 12 months, to working professionals who take two to three courses per semester to those who use our MBA coursework as continuing education credits for industry certification and complete the program at their own pace.

Much of the flexibility in our program comes down to three things:

  1. A state-of-the-art learning management system called Canvas, which hosts courses in an online portal and an app. This allows our students to bring their coursework with them 24/7/365 and allows students to progress when they can make the time.
  2. A faculty that understands their students’ needs. Our professors reply to email within a day or two at most, and are always willing to work with students to ensure their success. We work hard to maintain this high level of engagement, including training faculty on new technologies and features within the Canvas platform to engage students and supporting our faculty with a staff of instructional designers and in-house media production to maintain and ensure high quality courses.
  3. Asynchronous courses and flexible class scheduling available to all our online MBA students. Our courses do not require logging into the class at a certain date or time and are offered in a seven-week format. This means if a student is nearing a ‘busy season’ at work or home, they can pause taking classes for seven weeks and come back without missing a full semester.
Career Services

Our alumni ranked the Lindner College of Business No. 1 in Career Coaching and Mentoring in the Poets & Quants poll.

The Lindner College of Business has its own dedicated Career Services Center. This means that we have a staff available to our MBA students and recent graduates for individualized career coaching and planning. Each student has a coach guiding every step of the way toward the student’s career goals.

The Career Services team also develops relationships with employers. This ensures our graduates have a strong reputation within the business community and employers know that our program produces graduates ready to become business leaders.

Emily Spinks, a 2019 graduate, had this to say about Lindner Career Services:

“My main motivation for completing an MBA online was to facilitate a career change. I have a broad range of interests, and the MBA covers a broad range of topics.

My intention was to mesh my previously acquired skills, through seven years of professional work experience in human services, with my growing interests in organizational leadership and consumer behavior to discover and pursue new career opportunities.

The Lindner College of Business is unique in that it is the only University of Cincinnati college with a dedicated Career Services Center of its own, which was an excellent resource for me as a student and continues to be as an alumnus.”


Our program will never be the least expensive in any prospective student’s consideration set. However, the old adage stands; you get what you pay for.

The UC online MBA program comes with the support and resources of a Tier 1 Research University with Division 1 Athletics and a 200-year history of excellence.

All students have access to tutoring labs, highly responsive faculty, the best Learning Management System on the market, and a dedicated Career Services department for the Lindner College of Business. Many schools with higher price tags than ours offer these services, but very few of the schools with lower ones do.

When it comes to the return on your investment, the University of Cincinnati offers a very good value.

High Academic Standards

The numbers speak for themselves –  P&Q poll results showed our online MBA students rank in the top 10 programs in the United States for Average Undergraduate GPA and Average GMAT scores.

We set our MBA students up for success at every stage of the program. Each student has an academic advisor and a student success coordinator assigned to ensure the student is taking the correct coursework, using all tools available from the University, and is feeling confident about their progress. Our students have a very strong support system to ensure graduation on time and that the student achieves their goal for earning the degree.

At the outset, if a student does not have a business background or does not feel confident in particular subjects, we offer graduate level introductory courses that teach the foundations needed to excel in our advanced coursework. These courses are part of the online MBA program plan and can be waived if a student meets certain conditions, for example work experience in the field of study or demonstrated academic excellence in the field in undergraduate studies. Our students must have at least a B average (3.0) to graduate. These standards ensure online MBA graduates are prepared to address and overcome any business challenge that comes their way.

No matter your reason for pursuing an MBA online, the University of Cincinnati offers a compelling program that is worth taking a closer look. Our enrollment advisors are available to answer any questions you have about the program and help get you started on an application.



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