Investing in MBA Leads to Swift Return on Investment

There are times when those who are already deep into their career begin to toy with the idea of going back to school — wondering whether it’s worth it, or if it’s perhaps, too late.

Richard Peet, a North Canton, Ohio native was one of those people. As he began working toward his MBA through UC Online, he discovered that it was, in fact, not too late to make a positive impact on his career. During the program, he not only joined a new firm in a leadership position with more responsibilities, he also saw a significant increase in compensation — about 30%.

Richard, a travel and sports enthusiast, enrolled in UC Online’s MBA program when he was already fully immersed in his career. Having spent a year of his undergrad program in person at The University of Cincinnati, he says he already had an affinity for the school. Peet ultimately finished his Bachelor of Science in Architecture at another college, but came back to his roots at the University of Cincinnati for his MBA. Confidence in the school’s reputation for delivering a high-quality education, he says, and his previous experience there, drove his decision.

The Online Experience

Discussing how the online experience compares with his in-classroom experience, Richard says, “To be honest, my experience hasn’t been that much different when compared to most of my undergraduate experience.” While he notes that part of the in-person experience involved more group work, he remembers much of the work was done independently as well. “The UC Online program has capitalized on technology to allow students to work on group projects. It mirrors a workplace setting.”

Building Connections

Richard would love to see UC Online continue to expand its opportunities to connect with others in the program and notes the way UC has structured the online program “provides excellent opportunities to feel connected to other students and faculty.” In fact, he says his favorite part of being in the online MBA program is “the ability to share ideas and gain new perspectives,” calling that aspect excellent.

Online Resources

Peet also appreciates the resources and tools provided by UC Online. “They allow for a powerful and thorough learning experience that’s easy to navigate,” he states. As for his ideas for UC Online? Richard says he would like to see continued enhancement of the learning platform with new IT solutions to make the learning experience even better.

“My best piece of advice would be to take advantage of the extensive resources offered and to utilize the platform to connect. Depending on the number of classes I have, I typically spend approximately ten hours per week on MBA work. The program offers flexibility for those of us working in our careers and pursuing other degrees but allotting the time necessary around those obligations is imperative as the classes tend to move at a quick pace.”

An Immediate Return on Investment

The work he’s putting into his continuing education while balancing a career has already proven worthwhile in his current role. Richard describes the shifts in his thinking and approach to finding solutions, something he’s passionate about. “Having spent over two decades in the corporate environment, this program has enlightened me on new and interesting ideas that I can bring to my role and organization. I’m always seeking innovative thoughts and diverse perspectives that will allow me to bring positive change to my business role, and this experience has provided those opportunities.”

Asked about the achievement he’s most proud of in his professional career, Richard says, “I developed an innovative solution and business line within a global Fortune 200 firm.” And the growth from the initiative was impressive. “They grew from zero to $100 million in annual revenue, one hundred clients, and over 500 professionals in five years.”


Peet’s ultimate long-term professional goals include plans to continue working in his current industry. Since leading teams is where he believes he can have the most impact, he envisions expanding his role into a national or global leadership position in account management or business line oversight.

There’s one thing he knows for sure, “I intend to leverage my UC Online MBA experience to bring innovative ideas that will enable me to lead in new ways and drive successful outcomes.”

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