MBA Student Bonds Through Group Assignments

Surprising Benefit of Online MBA Program: Connecting and Bonding Through Group Assignments

As an undergraduate biology major, Mahnoor Tariq attended the University of Cincinnati in person. Online learning wasn’t in her initial plans when she considered going back for her MBA, but learning from her home in northern Ohio turned out better than she imagined.

“I hoped to take classes in person there again, but that never worked out. I have, however, been able to attend one of the best online MBA programs in the country and I appreciated the flexibility.”

The Online Experience

Mahnoor invested between 15 and 20 hours per week working on her MBA, and she recalls her surprise at the amount of coordinated group work involved — however, it’s a part of the curriculum she grew to appreciate.

Quality Connections

She even says working and bonding with students from all over the country was ultimately her favorite part of the experience. And Tariq has been impressed with the people she’s had the chance to meet through the program. “Of course it’s not as easy to network and meet people as it would be in person, but I feel the quality of interactions in the online setting have been far more powerful. We’re all here because we want to be. The people I’ve met and their work ethic have been so refreshing.”

She enjoyed the interactive aspect so much that she wishes there were more opportunities for interaction. “I’d love to see a weekend summit, conferences, or maybe networking events.”

Words of Wisdom

Asked about her best piece of advice to an applicant for thriving in an online MBA program, she thinks about her experience. “Stay organized, review your syllabus, and look ahead. Deadlines will sneak up on you if you don’t remain accountable and plan ahead. Also, be engaged with your professors. They really do want to help you.”

Professional Impact

Tariq’s decision to go back to school paid off at work before she even finished the program. Currently a Senior Migration Consultant at Paycor, she explains the role of her graduate-level education. “All I’ve learned online has helped me to be a stronger, more insightful employee.” The already ambitious and hardworking professional lists leadership, organization, analytical skills, and data analysis as the areas she’s grown the most since enrolling.

Rightfully proud of her accomplishments, Mahnoor describes the positive impact the program has already had on her career. “On a team of 25, I was the top performer in one of the most challenging projects in my company’s history. I was also promoted to my current senior role in the midst of pursuing my MBA online and earned an 18% raise!”

For now, she’s enjoying her re*cent success at work from working on her MBA. Long-term, Mahnoor sees herself moving up to a senior management role, ideally in the health sciences industry.

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