Promotion, Pay Increases Earned Before MBA Completion

Promotion, Multiple Pay Increases Earned Before MBA Completion

Stephanie Horvath’s undergraduate experience at the University of Cincinnati impressed her enough to put her trust in the school a second time.

The former Division I golfer from Medina, Ohio played for UC while earning her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. When she selected an MBA program, the time she’d already spent at the school was an important factor.

The Online Experience

“I chose to go back to UC for a few reasons. I had an exceptional undergraduate experience, and they offer career-oriented co-ops, so I knew I’d be able to take what I was learning and apply it to my job,” she recalls.

Seamless Transition

Another reason for choosing UC was the flexible online program. Horvath knew there was a possibility she would need to relocate for work during the program and she wanted to be able to continue without disruption. “I was able to seamlessly transition from in-person classes to the online program without losing any credits when I moved. I could adjust my course load as needed too,” she says.

Pandemic Learning

Stephanie wasn’t the only one with a challenge to navigate. “Professors had to adapt in-person classes to online learning while I was in the program. I was surprised by how fast they were able to leverage new technology. It was exciting to see how they were embracing the freedom to try new teaching methods.”

Long-Distance Connections

While she would have enjoyed opportunities to network with other students in person, Horvath’s favorite part of the program was connecting with fellow students online. “I really enjoyed hearing the perspectives of students living in different parts of the country — and even across the globe. That was particularly interesting because part of my MBA was completed during the pandemic. It gave us the opportunity to discuss our different experiences.”

Words of Wisdom

Looking back on her experience, Horvath encourages future students to build relationships. “There are so many new opportunities to connect online since the pandemic, so I would say use them as much as possible. Do whatever you can to stay engaged and network with other students.”

Stephanie also emphasizes the importance of managing your time to ensure you complete assignments and understand the material. Everyone’s pace varies, but she spent 10-15 hours per week working through two courses per semester. “Compared to learning in person, the online program required more personal discipline, especially while I was balancing a full-time job.”

Professional Impact

Currently working for L’Oreal USA, Stephanie was promoted to Global Brand Supply Chain Manager from her previous Senior Analyst role while in the MBA program, which took her 4 years to complete. During that time, she’s earned multiple significant pay increases to reflect her advancement.

Explaining the difference her MBA has made at work, she says, “My undergraduate degree was in Engineering, so pursuing an MBA has dramatically changed how I think about my role within the company. It has allowed me to better understand different perspectives and empowered me to influence decisions.”

Confidence Builder

Horvath has so much to be proud of in her career, but one particular achievement sticks out in her mind. “Not long after college graduation, I led the installation of a large piece of automation equipment in a distribution center. It was the first machine of its kind within our company so there was no playbook. It showed me the importance of taking on projects outside my comfort zone and increased my confidence. I feel proud knowing that today it is still actively improving the site’s safety, efficiency, and customer service.”

Stephanie has a specific long-term professional goal in mind, and she’s already prioritizing the people she plans to lead. “I want to lead an operations team that can be proud of their safe work environment and the high-quality, sustainable products that they play a role in bringing to consumers. Ideally, that would be in the consumer-packaged goods industry.”

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