Meet Abby, a Graduate of UC Online’s AAB Accounting Program

We enjoy introducing prospective students to University of Cincinnati (UC) Online program graduates. Today, it’s Abby B. She began UC Online’s Associate of Applied Business (AAB) in Accounting program in January 2021 and graduated in April 2022.

In our interview, Abby tells us why she chose an accounting associate degree and about her profession before she entered the accounting field. We thank Abby for sharing her experience in the AAB online program!

What do you do professionally, Abby?

I currently work as an accountant assistant for Environmental Design Group, an engineering and design firm in Akron, Ohio. I am responsible for the accounts payable and other expense-related functions in the organization.

What made you choose UC Online?

When I made the decision to pursue my associate degree, I needed an accredited program in accounting that was online and flexible in order to balance all my responsibilities. University of Cincinnati offered a program that fit the bill, and that it was a university in my home state was a bonus.

Your professional background looks diverse. How did you become interested in accounting?

My traditional higher-education trajectory earned me a degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State. IR practiced for four years but found the “art of medicine” did not fit my innate need for order and resolution. After some soul-searching during my child-rearing years, I found myself drawn to accounting. I re-entered the workforce as an all-encompassing bookkeeper for a small manufacturer’s representative firm in 2016.

Unfortunately, a Michigan company acquired the company. So, I found alternative employment as an accounts payable clerk at a manufacturing company. After only a short 1.5-year stent at the manufacturer, the plant was closed, a casualty of COVID.

My five years working in the accounting field solidified my career direction. But as I was thrown back into the job market, most employers preferred either an associate or bachelor’s degree from their applicants. I decided it was time to supplement my work experience with formal education.

Moving from veterinarian work to accounting is quite a career move. Any words of wisdom for someone who’s considering entering the accounting field?

Do it! It is quietly rewarding work. It is truly the language of business, so if you enjoy detail-oriented tasks and documentation of numbers, it may be the career for you.

Did you have any favorite courses from the online accounting associate program’s curriculum? And what about a great experience with a particular instructor?

My favorite was Financial Accounting. I also enjoyed the Legal Environment of Business and Fundamentals of Tax Preparation. It was beneficial to have life and work experiences to relate to the academic concepts being introduced. There were things that I learned in Introduction to Macroeconomics that I cannot believe I managed 40-plus years on Earth without knowing!

Patty Goedl, CPA, PhD, is an Associate Professor and the Program Director for UC Online’s AAB in Accounting program.

The biggest standout from this program was Professor Patty Goedl, CPA, PhD. She taught two of my courses directly, and her material was used to teach two other accounting courses. She is knowledgeable and thoughtful in her methods. Her class made me feel as though I was attending lectures and learning directly from the professor. The material was accessible, relevant, and creative in its delivery.

That’s great to hear that about Professor Goedl. How would you describe your time in UC Online’s program?

Overall, my experience was positive, and I am happy with my decision to pursue this degree through UC Clermont. The courses have broadened my knowledge base and supported my professional growth, which was the goal. There are certainly some high-quality instructors in the program who supplemented with material beyond the textbooks and created environments in which I could collaborate with classmates in discussions.

Do you have any advice for someone evaluating UC Online’s associate degree in accounting program?

Having experienced both a traditional, on-campus college and the completely online format, I see the benefits of both. With online education, you need to be self-motivated and commit to a self-directed schedule. Students fresh out of high school may benefit from incorporating some in-person classes to enhance their learning due to the social aspects and the ability to learn from classmates’ questions. But I could not have made the time to commute, attend class, and complete assignments with on-campus learning in my current situation. So, I was grateful to be able to access the curriculum in an online format.


If you’d like to know more about UC Online’s Associate of Applied Business in Accounting program, contact an enrollment advisor at (833) 556-7900 or use our online form to reach an advisor.

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