Organizational Leadership Skills and Expertise Are in Demand Today

Every organization of any size, whether for-profit or nonprofit, needs employees who do the work and employers that oversee the work being done. To put it simply, organizations need strong leaders. A leader can be in a managerial role, but leadership abilities and skills span many job titles.

A Harvard Business Review article written by Abraham Zaleznik, a leading scholar and teacher in organizational psychodynamics and psychodynamics of leadership, said three essential leadership elements — inspiration, vision and human passion — drive organizational success.

Because each of us has the power to inspire, think like a visionary or demonstrate what we’re passionate about, this puts no limits on who we can lead and how we do it.

How you describe leadership’s role at work or leaders, in general, for that matter, depends on your personal and professional experiences and interactions. Have you found it easy to step into a leadership opportunity? Ever been inspired to act or think differently, following someone influential? If so, you’ve seen the power of leadership in action.

Online BA in Organizational Leadership

Fostering a spirit of leadership is something many organizations value and seek to grow. Their collective desire for hiring and nurturing leaders is one reason degrees in organizational leadership have become more well-known and attractive.

University of Cincinnati (UC) Online’s new Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Organizational Leadership Program is designed for individuals who want to develop their leadership skills, whether they want a leading role in an organization or their community. The fully online curriculum is well-rounded and immensely applicable to everyday situations, emphasizing essential for personal and professional leadership success.

Courses include Foundations of Leadership (e.g., theory, design and change) and competencies that today’s leaders — and those readying themselves to lead tomorrow — will benefit the most from.

The bachelor’s program is 60 to 120 credit hours (dependent on existing college credits you have already earned) and includes a variety of relevant courses, including:

  • Leading the Diverse Workplace – Today’s organizational leaders are part of a diverse workforce relative to race, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, sexual preference, age, etc. This course increases your awareness of issues of diversity and differences, so you work more effectively and ethically with people. It also introduces you to historical, economic, political, personal and social frameworks for understanding culture and diversity.
  • Social Influence and Persuasion for Leaders – Having the skills to persuade and influence is part of being an effective leader. This course helps you identify persuasion and influence attempts, ethically apply these techniques in real-world settings and recognize the differences between persuasion/influence, propaganda and manipulation. You can apply the newly learned strategies and tactics in both professional and personal settings.
  • Organizational Leadership and the Law – Leaders benefit from understanding the legal aspects of employer-employee relations, especially if they want a role in human resources/talent development (HR) or training and development. This course explores legislation and court decisions governing discrimination in hiring, advancement and termination, sexual harassment, affirmative action, wrongful discharge, breach of employment contracts and other aspects of HR management.

Career Outlook for Organizational Leaders

A BA in Organizational Leadership can help you excel in the role you have today at work and for what you want to do in the future. Earning your bachelor’s degree from an accredited, respected university, like the University of Cincinnati (UC) Online, positions you to pursue a broad spectrum of leadership, supervisory and managerial positions.

Because leadership skills and abilities are universally valued and aren’t industry-specific, these are only a few of the business areas you’ll find interested in hiring more leaders (see our Careers page for a more extensive list):

  • Human resources and training
  • Marketing and sales
  • Fundraising and volunteer organizations
  • Retail, restaurants, and hospitality
  • Financial services
  • Business development
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Education

Ease and Convenience of an Online Bachelor’s Degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership has never been easier. UC Online’s program was developed for working adults, like you, who want nationally recognized, employer-accepted education. And because UC Online has more than 20 years of experience in the online education space, we’re known throughout the U.S. and internationally in many countries for our educational excellence. (Unfortunately, some online schools are known as “diploma factories.” Our consistently high rankings enable us to stand far apart from those schools.)

If you’re new to the concept of studying online for an undergraduate degree, here’s what to know about the ease and convenience of UC Online’s new program:

  • You can attend college full- or part-time. With coursework available online 24/7, you incorporate your studies into whatever else you do professionally and personally.
  • You are inspired by educators committed to your experience and success. Our instructors and program director are passionate about the field of organizational leadership and have experience running the on-campus counterpart for this degree.
  • You interact with people from all walks of life, making lasting connections. Our vibrant student and alumni communities enrich your experience and help you grow a professional network and relationships that extend beyond your time at UC.
  • Your advocate gives you support and encouragement. Early in the process, we introduce you to your Student Success Coordinator, a person who is by your side through graduation. (Meet Mallery, one of our SSCs.)

You Can Learn to Lead, Influence and Inspire

We’re excited to introduce you to the new online BA in Organizational Leadership degree. The program meets the needs of what many business leaders see as a growing and relatively untapped area.

If you’re ready to explore the career opportunities that await you when your focus is organizational leadership, connect with an enrollment advisor or call the team at (833) 347-5495. They can answer your questions about the program, UC’s tuition and financial aid or our long-standing commitment to military-affiliated students (i.e., active-duty military, members of the National Guard and the Reserves, veterans and their family members).

We look forward to helping you develop new skills and expertise to make you stand out at work and in your community, persuading, influencing and leading others.

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