Social Work Student Pursues Her Passion Thanks to UC Online’s Flexibility, Support, and Fulfillment

Kathy W. Discusses Why Online Was Right for Her

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Kathy is currently a Supported Living Program Case Manager at PLACES, Inc.

Kathy W., a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Cincinnati Online’s Bachelor of Social Work program, shares her experience and insights about the program. Kathy, currently a Supported Living Program Case Manager at PLACES, Inc., sought a Bachelor of Social Work degree to expand her employment opportunities and further her education during the pandemic’s challenging times.

Flexibility and Perfect Fit of Online Learning

Explaining why she chose the University of Cincinnati Online over other institutions, Kathy highlights the university’s impressive options for program completion, including online, in-person, and various campuses. She remarks, “The variety impressed upon me that UC was in touch with the people and communities they are working with.” Additionally, her interaction with Kyle Cline, a Student Success Coordinator, played a vital role in her decision-making process, “I was able to share my concerns, strengths, weaknesses, and timelines I wanted to work. Kyle was able to present to me a number of plans that could fit my parameters.”

When asked about her preference for an online program, Kathy emphasizes the significant factor of flexibility. Expanding on this, Kathy said, “being able to work at my own pace, being able to put myself in an environment that works for me (appropriate lighting, noise control, music, etc.), all while avoiding a commute and increased ‘social’ stressors. It really was a perfect fit.”

Supportive Learning Environment and Engaged Faculty

Kathy had specific expectations for the program, aiming for a degree that would be equivalent to challenges of an in-person course saying, “to ensure the respect is equitable for the ‘online’ degree versus in-person degree.” Reflecting on her experience, she says, “These expectations and challenges were met in full and without question.”

Describing her overall online learning experience, Kathy expresses enthusiasm and gratitude. She says, “The feedback from the professors, as well as their availability (email, zoom, etc.), has ensured that I am aware and in understanding of the course expectations and demands.” Along with appreciating the support of her faculty, Kathy also commends her fellow learners that she’s worked with throughout the program. She says,

“The professors have been encouraging and made me feel supported throughout this journey. My fellow learners have been amazing and a great support system for motivation and encouragement.”

Seamless Integration and Outstanding Support

Before enrolling in the online program, Kathy had concerns about potential technical difficulties in communicating with professors. However, she quickly found these concerns to be unfounded. She says, “The courses; with a variety of text offerings, to fit your specific learning style and the programs utilized, have all integrated well and worked seamlessly-I never had to worry about a program not working, not responding, or being difficult to work with.”

Along with the technology, the professors exceeded Kathy’s expectations, displaying excellent responsiveness and a desire to engage with the students. She shares, “the online program is seamless in its integration for distance learners. I never once experienced tech challenges. The professors have been so wonderful; communicating and responding in a timely manner, offering to meet for video chats, further elaborating where needed—they each have been amazing in their own ways, but supportive as a whole.”

A Fulfilling Experience

When asked about her recommendation to others considering UC Online or any other program at the University of Cincinnati, Kathy wholeheartedly endorses the online programs. She enthusiastically shares,

“I would absolutely recommend the online UC programs. My experience has been amazing and fulfilling; I’ve learned so much from my fellow students, the professors and about myself from this journey. Being able to work in my own comfort zone, with challenging material and fully supported has been tremendous.”

Kathy added, “I can’t speak enough about the staff and professors of the courses I’ve taken. The professors have all been amazing; responding to emails quickly, offering reassurances when I doubt myself, providing helpful, relevant feedback, and being, overall, super nice folks.”

As for her plans with her degree, Kathy intends to continue working with her current employer, PLACES, Inc., while also aiming to collaborate with the board in developing more programs and services to better serve the community.

Are you ready to follow Kathy’s lead and make an impact? Consider UC Online’s Bachelor of Social Work program. When you enroll at UC Online, you have access to faculty with extensive experience and passion unmatched in the human services industry.

Connect with an advisor to learn more about the fully online social work program.

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