Strength in Numbers as More Businesses Seek Educational Partnerships

All employers, whether they’re a large or small company, nonprofit or government agency, need to attract and retain the best people. Some of them rely on in-house teams to accomplish this objective, where the Human Resources and Organizational and Development staffs craft benefits and programs geared to improving the employee experience.

Other organizations must turn elsewhere for leading strategies on talent acquisition and professional development because their staff is small or they don’t know what’s new and effective in training and education.

This “we don’t know what’s working today” gap reveals an opportunity that can be filled by business associations seeking innovative ways to bring value to their members. Employers’ need for human capital is especially critical today, as businesses across every industry and sector navigate the “Big Quit.” Unfortunately, this churn of employees arriving and exiting is the new, unsettling norm.

Value of Energized, Engaged Human Capital

Though the term “human capital” may sound impersonal — we’re talking about people, after all — “capital” emphasizes the value of employees like other business assets. Physical assets, such as real estate and office furniture, and intangible items like intellectual property and company data are itemized and valued on a business balance sheet. Shouldn’t human capital be a line item, too?

Physical assets can grow (or depreciate) in value, and so does the value of human capital when more people in the workplace are energized, engaged and excited. And even though employers can never make every employee happy, studies show there are ways to boost employee satisfaction.

Meeting Employees’ Needs With Education

An employee education program can be effective in attracting and retaining people. According to talent management platform ClearCompany, 74% of workers say a lack of developmental opportunities prevents them from reaching their full potential. Personalization matters, too, as most employees (91%) want training to be relevant to what they want and need.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation weighed in on this topic, as well, saying, “Companies will compete on how well they are able to find, source, develop, advance and retain talent. Learners and workers will compete on skills and credentials and the ability to be agile in a dynamic labor market and economy. Communities, too, will compete on their ability to attract, develop and retain a competitive workforce that will drive economic growth, opportunity and prosperity.”

The takeaway from these compelling statistics and opinions? Now is the time to invest in cutting-edge programs and tools that train and support employees so they feel rewarded and can be retained.

Capitalize on a Missed Opportunity

Are you responsible for member acquisition and retention at your national or local association? Or are you working in an HR or training function? If you spend even part of your time focused on education and development, here’s one of the newest benefits to explore: an employee-centric business partnership with an accredited university like the University of Cincinnati (UC) Online offers. We help organizations throughout the nation by offering businesses better benefits for their employees-through continuing education.

Here’s how our program, which introduces tuition scholarships to your member or employee benefits package, works:

  • Employees can choose from 100+ fully online programs to learn or improve skills that support their professional development.
  • Upon enrollment, each employee is paired with a Student Success Coordinator who works one-on-one with them through graduation. (This partnership is one of the things students particularly enjoy about their UC Online experience!)
  • This employee retention tool is a benefit to your members or employees and their qualified family members. It complements whatever education reimbursement your company or association offers. If you don’t offer tuition reimbursement, this program fills that gap.

Public health professional working outside.

Explore what’s new in employee benefits: partnering with a university on professional development.

Programs Designed With Workplace Needs in Mind

UC’s programs accredited educational programs include certificates (e.g., in business foundations, corporate taxation or behavioral analysis), associate degrees (e.g., in business management, IT or supply chain management), bachelor’s degrees (e.g., in communication, accounting or technical/applied studies) and master’s programs (e.g., in business administration, marketing or analytics). We even offer doctoral degrees for nursing professionals.

With our programs being fully online, your employees can live and work anywhere and not have to worry about traveling to and from UC for certain classes. Here’s another aspect of our programs student enjoy: They can attend UC on full- or part-time, choosing a schedule that meshes with their work and personal lives.

Getting Started With This Program is Easy

UC Online’s diverse mix of online education can help your staff develop new or enhance existing skills. Your employees will become stronger contributors, managers and leaders within the organization — and likely be happier and engaged at work, too.

With our business partnership program being easy to set up at your association or company, this employee perk is one you don’t have to delay starting until the beginning of your benefits year. You can add the program and announce it to employees at any time.

If you’re ready to unlock the power of UC Online’s high-quality, 100% online professional development for your employees and their family members, contact us today to learn more.

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Helping You Build a Better Business Through Continuing Education
Employee recruitment and retention is crucial for the growth and profitability of an organization and should be a high priority for every business. At the University of Cincinnati Online, we want to help develop and retain your employees through our Business Partnership offering.

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