Embracing Change: A UC Online Journey with Cedar, BA in Communication Student

In life, unexpected turns often lead to remarkable destinations. Meet Cedar, a determined individual whose academic journey took an unexpected detour, ultimately guiding them towards an enriching experience at the University of Cincinnati Online. Originally aspiring to join the vibrant community at the University of Dayton, Cedar found themselves at a crossroads when faced with the daunting reality of tuition costs. Undeterred, Cedar strategically pivoted towards their “backup” plan – The University of Cincinnati. Little did they know that this shift in direction would be the catalyst for an educational adventure that surpassed all expectations.

Join us as we delve into Cedar’s transformative experience, exploring the unique avenues and opportunities that UC Online provided and discovering how embracing change led to an educational journey worth celebrating.

What motivated you to seek out and pursue an Undergraduate degree in Communication?  

I originally planned to enroll in the Digital Media Collaborative program at UC, but when I found out I could no longer pursue the degree online, I had to find a new path. I wanted to stay at the University of Cincinnati because I was lucky enough to find a school I loved, and I was worried that I would not get so lucky at another university.

At first, I applied to the Interdisciplinary Studies program with an interest in digital media and communications. Still, I was worried that that would be too broad of a major to make me stand out to future employers, so I switched to the Bachelor of Arts in Communication program.

Why did you select UC Online over other universities?  

Initially, I planned to attend the University of Dayton, but after seeing the tuition cost, I had to withdraw. I actually applied to the University of Cincinnati as a backup just in case I didn’t get into UD. I never expected to become a UC student, but I am so happy to be. UC is a wonderful school. I’ve loved all the people I have met and the professors I’ve had so far.

Why did you choose an online program vs. an on-campus program?  

I don’t live near the University of Cincinnati campus, and because of mental health reasons, I couldn’t make the move. I enrolled in a fully online degree program because I could complete it remotely and could not have made a better decision. I love the asynchronous nature of the program because I find a lot of comfort in being able to control when I complete my assignments. I am already very organized, so keeping track of my assignments is never an issue for me as long as I follow the deadlines and modules set forth by the professor.

What made you choose your current field of study? Was there a personal or professional reason?  

I chose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Communication degree because I could do it entirely online. The whole experience has opened my eyes to different career opportunities and skills that I possess.

Overall, how would you describe the online learning experience? Do you feel you still got the full college experience?  

While I cannot get the “authentic” college experience, like living on campus and participating in campus events, I enjoy being an online student. I can set my hours and control my work environment, which is a massive deal. I don’t think attending lectures in large halls would have been the right choice for my educational experience. The only drawback to earning a degree online is that I don’t have as many degree and course options as an on-campus student.

What are your thoughts on your professors? How were your interactions with them?  

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some excellent professors; all of them have been considerate, kind, and helpful. I have even been able to repeat many of my professors for different courses while earning my degree.

What would you say to someone considering this or any other program at UC Online?  

If you can keep yourself on track, you should go for it. The online format offers a lot of freedom, so I had to be disciplined and create a routine to stay on track. My main advice would be not to slack on deadlines! Professors break everything into modules, which is super helpful, so use that to your advantage.

Overall, would you recommend the University of Cincinnati Online to others? Why or why not?  

Yes! Many people did not enjoy transitioning to online courses when the pandemic hit, but I took to it very easily and enjoyed the format. It’s kind of like being your own boss! You get to meet a lot of great professors, and it’s great that you enjoy working independently.

What’s Next?  

Are you interested in learning more about the BA in Communication program or another program offered by UC Online? Contact one of our knowledgeable Enrollment Services Advisors today to learn how you can start your educational journey.

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