UC Online Provides for Its Students Every Step of the Way

You might feel as though you get a ton of information up front when you start a degree program: emails touting the benefits of an online degree, calls from enrollment services providers, links to read about all the degrees from which to choose…the list goes on and on.

While the help and information upfront is pretty standard across the board, what sets the University of Cincinnati Online apart is the continued support provided throughout your college experience. We’re here for you every step of the way. So when you’re weighing UC Online’s pros and cons, you can definitely put “supports their students” in the “pro” category.

How Does UC Online Provide for Its Students?

As you gather school information, you might start to have more specific questions for us, like “Why should I go to college online?” “Is UC Online a good school?” and “Is an online degree worth it?”

We’re here to answer all of those questions and more, every step along the way: before, during, and after on your online degree journey.

Before Starting Your Degree Program

  1. You’ll be assigned an enrollment services advisor who helps see you through the application process from start to finish and answer any questions you may have about why you should get an online degree. They serve as the first point of contact for new students at the University of Cincinnati.
  2. You will learn about our admissions process which includes not only the actual application, but also how to obtain your transcripts, letters of recommendation, meet your GPA requirements, or provide proof of licensure, if applicable.
  3. Many of our students receive financial aid. Our helpful guides will walk you through approximating your tuition, penalties for withdrawing, and other questions you may have about the financial aid process.
  4. You’ll be able to consider the program and how it fits your career goals by reading up on all of our degree programs online or more in-depth through our blog site.
  5. Consider the commitment of taking classes before you even start. Learn more about our tips for successful online learning — are you ready to take the plunge?

During Your Schooling

  1. UC Online doesn’t stop once students are admitted. Our faculty and staff are always on the cutting edge of learning within their programs, including:
      1. Industry 4.0 — UC Online works right alongside current Industry 4.0 professionals to develop coursework in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering that enhances your professional skills and prepares you to be able to solve the complex problems of today and manage tasks and projects successfully. UC Online doesn’t stop once students are admitted. Our faculty and staff are always on the cutting edge of learning within their programs, including:
      2. Health Care degrees — UC Online provides courses covering the most innovative and forward-thinking learnings and advancements across the health care industry today. Graduates from these programs are able to address the leading issues in the world of health and medicine today.
  2. Our website contains many comprehensive links to student resources that you may need during your studies. Or, visit our blog section for more in-depth information on specific programs.
  3. Students can also make the most of UC’s student resources, which include links to academic advising and career development resources.

Upon Graduation

  1. Reach out to your program retention specialist to learn the steps you should complete as you near graduation to make sure you stay on track during the last few months of your online courses.
  2. Ready to graduate? UC is there to help you find the perfect career. Visit our placement/career services center to learn more.
  3. Email us your story after graduating – we love highlighting the successes of our graduates.

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Need additional student resources?
Already an online student? UC Online has additional tips and tricks to ensure you are on the path to success. Check out our Student Resources section for what you need to maximize your learning.
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Helping You Build a Better Business Through Continuing Education
Employee recruitment and retention is crucial for the growth and profitability of an organization and should be a high priority for every business. At the University of Cincinnati Online, we want to help develop and retain your employees through our Business Partnership offering.

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