What is a Master of Education?

What is a Master of Education Degree?

Education is highly valued in our society, and for good reason — from early childhood, our morals, knowledge, and skills are built upon in such a way that we may grow up to be well-rounded individuals prepared to create positive change in the world. But as the world itself continues to change, education is often forced to change with it, leading many educators to begin furthering their own education so they may shape this change personally.

Hence, the Master of Education (MEd) degree.

Specifically designed for those who wish to influence policies and procedures within schools in order to better the lives of students, this degree leads to a wealth of professional and personal development that’s vital for advanced teaching and administrative positions. And at the University of Cincinnati Online, we’re proud to offer five specialty MEd programs that will ensure you understand the mechanisms behind the education system and your individual area of focus — as well as the best ways to collaborate with your peers. So, no matter if you refer to it as an MEd, M.E.D., M. Ed., or something else altogether, we’ll train you to lead and manage change in the evolving field of education.

What is a Master of Education?

The MEd is a postgraduate degree awarded by various universities and colleges in which you can enroll upon completing your bachelor’s. Often advised for educators looking to advance in their field, its various concentrations center around instructional theories and best practices within the field of education, making it applicable to not only a career in the classroom, but also to jobs in administration, curriculum development, and educational policy.

What is the career outlook for graduates with an MEd?

While educators who understand how to best serve the diverse needs of students are in high demand, you may still be wondering if earning your master’s in education will elevate your career trajectory.

The good news? Graduates who hold their MEds have the qualifications needed to increase their eligibility for leadership roles and career-advancing opportunities with higher salaries. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median earning potential for those with a master’s is $81,867, compared to $69,348 for those who solely hold their bachelor’s. Better yet, at the University of Cincinnati we offer fully online programs so that you’re able to fit school into your life rather than fitting your life around school — meaning you’ll continue growing in your current position while preparing for your future.

What MEd programs does UC Online offer?

Whether you’re interested in learning to design a curriculum, hoping to specialize in children with autism, or making a change by becoming a principal, we have a program to put you on the right path.

  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Designed for practicing teachers interested in the planning, development, and implementation of instructional programs in school and non-school settings, this program offers concentrations in STEM education, gifted education, and teaching and learning in general studies. Career opportunities for those with their MEd in Curriculum and Instruction include:
    • Education Specialists ($50,342 median pay)
    • Curriculum and Instruction Specialists ($63,740 median pay)
    • Curriculum Design Managers ($111,560 median pay)
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership: Designed for licensed educators looking to expand their earning potential through high-level educational administration or leadership roles, students learn the theories and practices of educational leadership and organizational behaviors in school systems. This program offers concentrations in special education leadership, principal leadership, and general administration and policy. Career opportunities for those with their MEd in Educational Leadership include:
    • Academic Directors or Supervisors ($96,910 median pay)
    • Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals ($98,420 median pay)
    • College Provosts ($96,910 median pay)
  • Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology: Concentrating on a well-rounded, interdisciplinary experience, this program focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of instructional materials and programs, and the use of technology in the delivery of educational and training services. Career opportunities for those with their MEd in Instructional Design and Technology include:
    • Online Instructors ($79,640 median pay)
    • Instructional Design Managers ($81,837 median pay)
    • Senior Instructional Designers ($82,078 median pay)
  • Master of Education in Literacy and Second Language Studies: This program is designed to broaden understandings of the social, cultural, linguistic, and institutional factors that contribute to a learner’s ability to use reading, writing, and speaking in their first or second language. Additionally, this program offers concentrations in Pre-16 literacy and learning instruction, PreK-12 teaching English as a second language, and endorsement graduate certificate programs. Career opportunities for those with their MEd in Literacy and Second Language Studies include:
    • Reading Specialists ($53,927 median pay)
    • Learning and Performance Consultants ($80,240 median pay)
    • Education Administrators ($ 98,420 median pay)
  • Master of Education in Special Education: Designed for caring, compassionate students looking to gain the knowledge and skills they need to help better the lives of individuals with disabilities, this program offers concentrations in licensure with the option of a reading endorsement, supporting students with complex needs, and transitioning to work endorsement and special education leadership. Career opportunities for those with their MEd in Special Education include:
    • Special Education Teachers ($61,820 median pay)
    • Social and Community Service Managers ($74,000 median pay)
    • Postsecondary Teachers ($79,640 median pay)

Why Should I Choose UC Online?

Here at UC Online, our goal is to help you reach your goals — which is why our five unique MEd programs are specifically designed to equip you with the skills you need to create positive change both inside and outside the classroom. Fully online and taught by nationally renowned faculty members, they’ll provide you with the same community that our traditional classroom experience provides, with both part- and full-time options. What’s more, literacy and second language studies and instructional design and technology students are eligible for our Graduate Incentive Award scholarship, which equates to 30% off instructional fees.

“UC Online enabled me to earn my graduate certification in STEM along with my MEd, which was crucial for advancing in my career. The structure, administration, and content of the program — combined with the excellent faculty and staff — made every penny and moment of time I spent worth it.”

Amy B., MEd Curriculum and Instruction Graduate

Take the Next Step

No matter what specialization you choose to pursue, a Master of Education from UC Online can lead to a wide range of fulfilling career options at both the classroom and administrative level. With unrivaled online tools and support, you’ll focus on the area that most supports your professional goals while deepening your knowledge of education and instruction, honing your leadership skills, maximizing your earnings, and more — and you’ll do it all while starting or continuing your teaching career.

So — are you ready to learn more? Explore our online programs to discover how you can achieve your goals with a Master of Education degree from the University of Cincinnati Online; or take the first step in advancing your career by beginning your application today.

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