What Is an Information Systems Degree? Why It’s Worth It

Many IT professionals head back to school to enhance their resumes and supercharge their career trajectories. They know that, while having work experience and their bachelor’s is valuable, a master’s can be rewarding personally and professionally.

On the personal side, earning a master of science in information systems online can increase a person’s confidence and personal pride. Professionally, the career-boosting gains of a master’s degree can include greater independence, career advancement, and a bigger paycheck.

What Is Information Systems?

Information systems (IS) is a broad term used to define the hardware, software, processes, and people that networks use to gather, process, and manage information. Information systems help transform data into knowledge that informs decision-making. And in business, this gleaning of insights is imperative for thoughtful analysis, process improvement, and being more data-driven.

Over the last 10 years, rapid technological developments led to an explosion in the adoption and complexities of organizational information systems. This incredible growth created a demand for professionals with a graduate information systems degree and a strong understanding of how to transform information systems technology.

What Can You Do with an Information Systems Degree?

People who work in IS can be found in companies of nearly any type and size, including for-profit, governmental, higher education and nonprofit organizations. They could also work as an independent, self-employed consultant, where Female data analyst working on computerthey help multiple organizations doing contract work.

Because the majority of companies today need IS expertise to run their businesses effectively, you’ll find information systems professionals working in various roles, performing systems analysis, mining data, testing out emerging technologies, working on operating and networking systems, doing database design and more.

IS professionals’ job titles show the variety of what they do and how different organizations treat this area of expertise, name-wise. Typical job titles include IT Analyst, Software Engineer, Data Engineer and Systems Analyst.

Hallmarks of an Online Information Systems Degree

Getting a master’s in information systems degree, such as the online Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) offered at University of Cincinnati, won’t happen without sacrifices. It may take away time spent with family and friends. Weekends might feel shorter, and your to-do list will be longer. But the return on your investment is quite promising.

Consider these five compelling reasons for pursuing your online MSIS degree at UC:

  1. High return on investment – In 2023, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found people with master’s degrees outearn those with a bachelor’s degrees. View the BLS’ weekly average paychecks chart to compare average salaries — then multiply by 52 weeks (and subsequent years) and see how that difference adds up!
  2. Increased credibility – The top-15 ranked program equips you with key skills to keep you at the forefront of technological advancement. Our program’s world-class faculty is part of UC’s nationally recognized and distinguished Carl H. Lindner College of Business.
  3. Solve real-world (not theoretical) problems – Our program’s experiential component allows you to apply your education to practical projects you’ll work on in IS. And with its emphasis on building skill sets for both the business and technology sides of an organization, the program is even more relevant for what you want to do with your career.
  4. Cost-conscious degree – The MSIS degree program offered by the Lindner College of Business is among the most affordable programs in the nation. (Sidenote: U.S. News and World Report lists recent annual tuition costs at a sampling of top business schools, and UC’s program is between $10k–$40k less than other top schools.) Our robust financial support options can help make a degree even more affordable.
  5. 100% job placement – Historically, our program graduates accept full-time positions within three months of leaving UC. Many of them go on to work at some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Yahoo! and Procter & Gamble.

MSIS Degree Courses:

Because UC’s MSIS curriculum focuses on critical technology skills, the courses cover project management, ERP, systems analysis, business intelligence, database management, system security and web development.

IS consultant working with information systems at a large companyOur program is considered innovative among other graduate information systems degrees. It requires every full-time student to complete a minimum six-month internship, where they work on an employer’s information systems project or do IS research before graduating. This real-life experience helps you apply your new-found knowledge to everyday business problems.

UC’s Lindner College of Business faculty within the MSIS program has extensive academic and industry experience and they leverage their expertise to give you the type of education that keeps you two steps ahead of your industry peer competition. The Lindner College of Business MSIS professor, Robert Rokey, says, “You can expect a very intensive technical program with a large exposure to business and faculty that will challenge you.”

Industries across the globe are transforming their information systems, which makes our world more connected than ever. Today, you need to know, understand and prepare for future information systems in diverse circumstances to succeed — and our program builds confidence and prepares you for what it takes to stand out in the competitive world of IS.

Fully Online Format Benefits Working MSIS Professionals

If you earned your bachelor’s degree in a traditional on-campus setting, you might not be familiar with how UC’s online experience is designed for working adults who want to skip the hassle of traveling to and from school after work each day.

You will:

  • Join an informative, 100% online bootcamp before starting the MSIS program.
  • Customize the degree around your career interests and lifestyle.
  • Find all course material and interactions with instructors and fellow students conveniently available online.
  • Benefit from our personal start-to-graduation support advantage, where we match you with a Student Success Coordinator who will help you get the most from your time with UC.

Take the Next Step Toward Your Master’s Degree in IS

If you’re ready to explore the career opportunities that await you with an MSIS degree, call our student specialists team at (833) 347-5495. They can answer your questions about the master’s program, explain tuition and financial aid or tell you about our long-standing commitment to military-affiliated students (i.e., active-duty military, members of the National Guard and the Reserves, veterans and their families).

Professor Rokey and the rest of our team look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a degree in information systems?

A degree in information systems focuses on the integration of technology, processes, and people to manage and transform data into valuable information. It encompasses the study of hardware, software, and network systems used to collect, process, and analyze information for decision-making.

How useful is an information systems degree?

An information systems degree is highly useful as it equips professionals with the skills needed to advance in various industries. Graduates often see significant career benefits, including greater job opportunities, higher earning potential, and the ability to address complex technological challenges.

What do information systems professionals do?

Information systems professionals design, implement, and manage IT solutions to support business operations. They work on tasks such as systems analysis, data management, network administration, and security—ensuring that organizations efficiently process and utilize information.

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